A safe, affordable, residential community.
Located 8 1/2 miles Western Highway

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History of Western Pines

Located less than five minutes from the city limits on the Western Highway, WESTERN PINES came into existence in 2003 when the owners of CP Buildings Ltd saw the need for a housing development that is affordable and caters to the local market…

More space to EXPAND

Choose from lot sizes vary from 60′ x 90′ up to 88′ x 90′. Unlike the city, which is crammed with small lots and little room for you as a homeowner to expand, each lot at WESTERN PINES is at least one and a half times bigger than a Belize City lot…

Safety & Convenience

WESTERN PINES offers the convenience of being near the city, and the privilege of living in a suburban area. Residents enjoy the relaxed, spacious, quiet environment which offers a safer community for a family to be raised in..

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