Your question: Does Costa Rica have a coast line?

Nearly 800 miles of coastline and 300 beaches border Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. … If you’re one of those travelers who prefers relaxation to all else, the beaches of Costa Rica have something for you too: miles of sunny, sandy shoreline shaded by palm trees.

Does Costa Rica have access to the Pacific Ocean?

Located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. … San José is its capital and largest city, home to about 2 million people throughout the metropolitan area.

How many sides of Costa Rica have a coast?

Costa Rica is named after one coast but of course has two, the Pacific and the Caribbean. These two coasts are as different from each other as are the East and West coasts of North America.

Does Costa Rica border an ocean?

Costa Rica is part of the Central American isthmus and borders Nicaragua to the North, Panama to the South, the Atlantic Ocean to the East, and the Pacific Ocean to the West .

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Where does Costa Rica have coasts?

Costa Rica is located on the Central American Isthmus, surrounding the point 10° north of the equator and 84° west of the prime meridian. It has 212 km of Caribbean Sea coastline and 1,016 on the North Pacific Ocean.

Geography of Costa Rica.

Continent North America
Exclusive economic zone 574,725 km2 (221,903 sq mi)

Who owns Costa Rica?

The Spanish came to Costa Rica and colonized the area in 1561. It was a Spanish colony for about 250 years. In 1821, Costa Rica declared independence from Spain, jointly with several other Central American countries.

What beach is Costa Rica known for?

There’s a reason why Manuel Antonio is known as Costa Rica’s most popular beach.

Is Costa Rica water warm?

Conditions of sea water on beaches in Costa Rica

Now in all beaches in Costa Rica, the water is very warm and comfortable for swimming. The water temperature in Costa Rica has risen over the past 10 days, but has dropped compared to 30 days ago.

Which side of Costa Rica has better beaches?

Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches are located in northwest Costa Rica (Guanacaste, the Nicoya Peninsula) and the southern Caribbean (Puerto Viejo, Cahuita). In both regions you’ll find light sand, warm tropical water, and — when conditions are right — great surfing.

Can you swim in Costa Rica in December?

Swimming in Costa Rica in december is ideal

With water reaching a maximum of 84°F and an average of 82°F, going in the water (and staying there!) feels great.

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How many oceans does Costa Rica have?


Costa Rica is bordered on the east by the Pacific Ocean and on the west by the Caribbean Sea. The country sits at the boundary where the Cocos Plate in the Pacific—a piece of Earth’s crust about 510 kilometers (316 miles) wide—meets the tectonic plate underlying the Caribbean Sea.

What should I avoid in Costa Rica?

Things You Should Never Do While Visiting Costa Rica

  • Leave valuables unattended. Unfortunately, one of the most common crimes in Costa Rica is theft. …
  • Go to the beach at night. …
  • Buy drugs. …
  • Speed. …
  • Swim in front of a surf break. …
  • Take a dip in the river. …
  • Think you can get a base tan. …
  • Skip out on mosquito repellent.

Is Costa Rica considered a US territory?

Costa Rica is not and never was a US territory, but it has strong relations with the United States in terms of economic, strategy, and security.