Can foreigners drive in Guatemala?

If you hold a full valid driver’s license issued by a foreign country and are aged 18 at least, you may drive in Guatemala for 30 days. International licenses are recommended but not mandatory. After this initial period, you can apply for temporary permits (permisos).

Can you drive in Guatemala with US license?

We understand that Guatemala recognizes the International Driver’s License, which is available in the United States through chapters of the American Automobile Association (AAA). When driving with an International Driver’s License, a valid U.S. state license should also be carried.

Can you drive a car in Guatemala?

In order to drive in Guatemala, you are able to use your country of origin’s license for up to 30 days. Those who are going to be staying on vacation longer will need to have an international driving permit. … When driving, you need to carry your passport, license, rental documents, and insurance documents.

When can you drive in Guatemala?

The driving licence requirements in Guatemala state that you must be at least 18 years old and have a full driving licence valid in your country of residence.

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What states can you drive with a foreign license?

How Long Can I drive with Foreign License?

State Drive with Foreign Driving License
California (CA) License Validity
New York State (NY) License Validity
Arizona (AZ) License Validity
Oregon (OR) License Validity

Do I need an international driver’s license in Guatemala?

Driving in Guatemala as a foreigner

International licenses are recommended but not mandatory. After this initial period, you can apply for temporary permits (permisos). Issued by the Guatemalan National Civil Police, these cost GTQ 30 per month of validity.

Should I drive in Guatemala?

I highly recommend you avoid driving at night at all costs. While rare, there have been armed robberies of tourists and Guatemalans along the highways and back roads of Guatemala, particularly at night. Moreover, the inherent dangers of oncoming traffic and unseen obstacles are heightened at night.

How do you stay safe in Guatemala?

Safety Tips for Travelers

Don’t flash any signs of wealth and leave valuable jewelry at home. Keep your camera in a discreet case whenever you’re not using it. Resisting a robbery or mugging can be very dangerous, so if you are held up, cooperate fully. Travelers should be vigilant, not paranoid.

Do they have uber in Guatemala?

When ordering an Uber in Guatemala you’re restricted to the Guatemala City/Antigua areas and you’ll find a few Uber drivers around Lake Atitlan. No choices here – everyone is equal with the standard UberX.

How long do you need in Guatemala?

If you truly want to explore Guatemala, I suggest setting aside at least 4 weeks. There are a few backpacker spots that can easily captivate your heart and steal you away for months. If you are flying to Guatemala, you will definitely start your trip in Guatemala City, the capital.

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Can I convert my international driving license in USA?

Some US states have so called reciprocity agreements with other countries. This means that if your driving permit has been issued in one of these countries, you will be able to simply exchange it for a US driving license of that state (and typically vice versa) without having to take any tests.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Guatemala?

While the minimum age for Guatemalans to drive is 16, to rent a car in Guatemala a driver will need to be at least 18 years old.

Can I drive in New York with a foreign license?

You can drive in New York State with a valid driver license from another country. You do not need to apply for a New York State driver license unless you become a New York State resident. To get a New York State driver license, you must pass a written test, complete a 5-hour pre-licensing course and pass a road test.