“A track and field scholarship combined with God's grace, paved a path. It was of great relief to my parents. We were struggling to pay for my education up to that point..."

The University of Belize (UB) welcomes patriotic members of the diaspora…

The University of Belize (UB) is the country’s only National University. Many Belizeans who left the country after 1981 may not know much about UB, but they would be happy to know that UB is the legacy of the institutions they fondly remember. Several institutions were amalgamated to form UB, including familiar names such as the University College of Belize and the Belize Technical College. So when they hear about UB, they should consider it their Alma Mater as the familiar days they spent at the compounds on Freetown Road and in West Landivar in Belize City are being repeated today by young and promising Belizeans with bright futures.But some of the same reasons that lead many to seek new shores in the USA are also preventing these young Belizeans from achieving their full potential, and that is financial instability within the home. And though the cost of attending UB is very low compared to other competing institutions in Belize and in Central America, funding initiatives have helped many such as the the three students below and we want you, a responsible and patriotic member of the diaspora to give back, to share in the building of our people.

Listen to the words of our youths

Danielle Reneau – UB Student

“This program has not only contributed to my development as a young person academically, but has also contributed to my personal development, in areas such as: being responsible, committed, maintaining proper discipline, and last but not least, understanding the importance of giving back…The Athletic Scholarship was used by me as a positive outlet, it assisted me in completing my Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management. Moreover, I was encouraged to be surrounded by other young people who are also determined to better themselves and seek higher learning.”

Robert Hernandez: GIS Technician

“A track and field scholarship combined with God’s grace, paved a path. It was of great relief to my parents. We were struggling to pay for my education up to that point. This scholarship gave me and many others an opportunity that is awarded to very few people. That opportunity was to be able to finish our degree programs. The responsibility was great but the reward was even greater. Had I not receive this scholarship, life could have been very different and I may not be where I am today.”
-Robert Hernandez, GIS Technician


“My mom can’t do it all on her own and I do have other siblings attending high school. When I gained a scholarship to cover my tertiary level education, it helped me understand the value of an education…It also allowed me to discover my best attributes and the clarity to become successful while rising out of financial and mental poverty. The scholarship gave me an insight into inspiring other youths into following their dreams.” – Adonnis Gilbert Mcdonald, UB graduate and former Student Government President.

UB has recently developed an endowment fund under the newly installed President, Clement Sankat. The first scholarship fundraising initiative is both a “welcome home” event for Belizeans returning for the Independence Celebrations and a “thank you” for your contribution to assist the future leaders of our nation. The “UB 1st President’s All-Inclusive Endowment Fete” is on September 17th, 2017 at the Birds Isle. When you purchase your ticket, you help your Alma Mater and students while having fun.The price includes: food, drinks and a guarantee to hear more stories from young students who appreciate the assistance they have been given.

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As a reminder, if you want to hear of more of these stories in the future, contribute to the University of Belize Development & Endowment Fund By making a deposit to UB Scotia Account number: 9138989. You can also support the scholarship initiative while having fun. Purchase a ticket to attend the UB 1st President Endowment Fete on September 17th, 2017. The Soca event is a fundraiser that will give scholarships to well deserving Belizeans. It is sponsored by Best Western Biltmore, Scotia Bank, UB, Travellers, BTB, LoveFM and The Guardian. Tickets are available at all Scotia Bank Branches countrywide, UB offices and BECOL in Cayo.For more information email erobateau@ub.edu.bz or presidentsfete@ub.edu.bz

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