The Belize Cultural Foundation presents the BIGGEST Belizean 2 Day September Celebration in Los Angeles, CA.

Belize Independence Day in LA
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This year’s events are scheduled for September 19th (Dance) and September 20th (Festival). BCF (Belize Cultural Foundation) has for many years presented these annual events with Belizeans from all over the U.S. attending each year in celebration of their Culture, History and Traditions!
BCF’s annual events in addition to the celebrations, is a time when  Belizeans come together reuniting past friends and school friends etc… Send “shout outs” and “greetings” to family at home,  etc…
Belize in America (Cyril Uruwe) is proud to endorse and salute BCF for organizing such a wonderful event in celebration of Belizeans in the Diaspora – celebrating their culture and love of country..

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