The 3rd Annual Belize Music Awards

The 3rd Annual Belize Music Awards created a clear measure of what the Belizean public appreciates about Belizean music today. The winners were much deserving of their awards. Flavas Entertainment must be commended for offering us an opportunity to measure audience response, radio-play, and the business of successful music in Belize. Yes the categories and parameters of that measurement have to be tweaked more encompassing, but they are doing something for the industry that no other entity is currently doing.

Notably, the Belize music industry is very under-developed and the process of nominations suffers from lack of a establish process. Flavas did ensure that the key players in the industry controlled the nominations of songs. Any inadequacies in the nominations process is a mixture of things. These include, the inability to measure who are the music recording industry professionals with creative credit, lack of knowledge of the national distribution network, thirdly absence of a major record companies that effectively distributes Belizean music nationally and internationally, and the nonexistence of a system that measures the purchase of recordings, merchandise and concert tickets by the listening audience. These things can only be developed with the assistance of the industry i.e the Music Industry Association of Belize (MIAB), The Belize Society of Composers Authors Publishers (BSCAP), NICH, and other private and public entities involved in music.

By Jackie Castillo
Creative Industry Development officer- NICH, and part-time Belizean artist

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