Your question: Is there a water taxi from Belize City to Placencia?

There are no ferries or water taxis to Placencia. You can fly or go by bus or private transfer service.

How do I get from Belize to Placencia?

Fly. Flying down to Placencia from Belize City (a 30 minute flight) is the method we most recommend. There are frequent flights to Placencia from Belize City throughout the day on Tropic Air and Maya Island Air, Belize’s two local airlines. The round-trip fare is approximately $162 US per person.

How much is shuttle from Belize to Placencia?

From the main bus station in Belize City, the journey to Placencia takes around five hours. The price is around $15 for a one-way journey, but be aware that buses are often quite crowded.

Are water taxis running in Belize?


Each day, Ocean Ferry Belize will take you to and from four main locations: Belize City, Caye Chapel, Caye Caulker and San Pedro!

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How much is a taxi from Belize airport to water taxi?

The water taxi terminal in Belize City is a $25 cab ride from the airport. The $25 is for the cab, not per person. Its also a way to get a look at part of Belize City. The water taxi ride is 45 minutes and costs around $10 each way.

How do you get around Placencia?

You can walk everywhere since Placencia is pretty small, but here are some other options.

  1. Bicycle – Your best option for getting around Placencia (other than walking) is to rent a bike for about 25 BZD per day. …
  2. Golf Cart – You can also rent golf carts from Captain Jak’s.

Is Placencia Belize a island?

Placencia Village sits at the very tip of the narrow 16 mile Placencia Peninsula in Southern Belize. … To a lot of people, the Placencia Peninsula feels like an Island but it is not. Less than 2000 people live in Placencia Village. The Placencia Peninsula is also home to two other communities: Seine Bight and Maya Beach.

How much is a shuttle from Belize City to San Ignacio?

BBOC operates a bus from Belize City to San Ignacio every 2 hours. Tickets cost $3 – $7 and the journey takes 2h 14m. Five other operators also service this route.

How much does it cost to fly from Belize City to Ambergris Caye?

From the Belize City International Airport, a round trip flight is approximately $160 USD. One major perk of taking a puddle-jumper over to Ambergris is the views of the Belize Barrier Reef and the island of Ambergris Caye that you get from a few thousand feet up.

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Is it easy to drive in Belize?

Is Driving in Belize Scary? … Second, Belize is very much a rural country; except in Belize City, and to a certain degree in larger towns like Belmopan, San Ignacio, and Dangriga, traffic is pretty much nonexistent, so even though the condition of the roads isn’t the best, the driving just isn’t very stressful at all.

Can you take a water taxi from Belize City to San Pedro?

Book your water taxi tickets from Belize City to San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The ferry ride takes about 1.5 hrs one way. You’ll travel with the most trusted water … more. Passengers are allowed a small/light weight freight of items not exceeding 150lbs.

How long is water taxi from Belize City to San Pedro?

If you are coming out of Belize city it is a 90 minute water taxi ride to San Pedro island. And a very beautiful one that takes you through the Caribbean Sea.

Is Belize City Safe?


Overall, Belize is not the safest destination for tourists visiting Central America, as it’s filled with petty and violent crime, and most of it is centered in Belize City. You should take precaution on the streets of major cities, and after dark.

Are taxis safe in Belize?

Are the taxis safe? Taxis are safe — and preferred — when getting around at night. You can ask your hostel or hotel to call a taxi for you. Be sure to get take an authorized taxi (they have green license plates).

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How much is a taxi from Belize City to the airport?

The driver will be in a black Belize Ground Shuttle shirt. The standard one-way rate for a transfer between Belize International Airport and San Ignacio is $35.

Belize Airport Shuttle.

Destination/Number of passengers Rates
Belmopan $45 – 2 passengers $40 – 3 passengers $35 – 4 passengers $24 – 5 or more passengers

How do you get around Ambergris Caye?

The best way to get around Ambergris Caye is to rent a golf cart and explore north and south. This is a great way to get a full feel for the island and what the different areas have to offer. Even though you might not know your way around, Ambergris Caye is easy to navigate.