Why are they called chicken buses in Guatemala?

They are called “chicken buses” by tourists because they are commonly used by locals for the transport of stock (including live-stock such as chickens) from one place to another. Camionetas are usually staffed by a driver and helper or ayudante.

Why are buses in Guatemala called chicken buses?

Guatemalans call the chicken bus in Spanish la camioneta, la burra, or el bus. … Foreign travelers refer to them as chicken buses because their cargo sometimes includes chickens or other live animals hitching a ride from town to town. Animals aren’t the only thing that distinguishes these colorful buses.

What is a chicken bus in Guatemala?

Chicken buses, officially known as “camionetas;”, are the country’s local bus connecting all of Guatemala’s villages, towns, and cities. It is the main form of local transport usually the cheapest option for travelling for any distance.

Why are chicken buses so important to Guatemala and other Central American countries?

There are a couple of reasons why they’re called chicken buses. One may be because passengers are crammed into the buses like chickens crammed into a truck en route to market. Another reason may be because passengers frequently carry chickens – and other livestock – as well as their suitcases with them on the journey.

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What are buses in Guatemala?

Buses go almost everywhere in Guatemala, and the buses will leave you with some of your most vivid memories of the country. Most of them are ancient school buses from the USA and Canada. Many travelers know these vehicles as chicken buses, after the live cargo accompanying many passengers.

Where did chicken buses come from?

The term “Chicken Bus” originates in Guatemala and comes from the fact that passengers would often transport live animals on them.

Where did Camioneta de pollos originate from?

Chicken bus / camioneta de pollos / trambilla, colorful and decorated bus that transports goods and people in Chichicastenango, El Quiché, Guatemala.

What are chicken busses?

Chicken buses are simply old school buses from the United States that now act as public transport in Central America. Once the buses in the USA get old and rack up lots of miles, they are auctioned off and then driven down to Central America.

What is a tuk tuk in Guatemala?

One of Guatemala forms of transportation is called a tuk tuk or in Asian countries a rickshaw. Guatemala is loaded with these little three wheel vehicles running around taking people from place to place. A Central America form of a taxi.

Are there school buses in Guatemala?

As a result of strict regulations in the USA, most school buses are sold after around 10 years’ use. … Repainted in vivid colours, the former school buses are then bought by private operators who run them profitably throughout Guatemala as much-loved public buses.

How do people transport in Guatemala?

Buses are the main method of transportation for most Guatemalans, and many travelers choose to save money by taking buses. Often referred to as “chicken buses”, these local inter- and intracity buses are often set in old U.S. school buses. They can be crowded and you might have to stand for the entire bus ride.

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Are there chicken buses in Costa Rica?

The only place where chicken buses are virtually unseen is Costa Rica, where the public transportation system is more modern and efficient, and similar to that of Western countries. Riding a chicken bus is certainly a very interesting experience.

Why do so many people leave Guatemala?

The current driving forces leading to migration are crime, poverty and political corruption. Crime is a big issue for those living in Guatemala; statistically 84% to 87% of violence is attributed to gang violence and drug trafficking.

What is a Mexican chicken bus?

A chicken bus (Spanish: “camioneta de pollos” or “trambilla”, the latter a hypercorrection of “tranvía”) is a colloquial English name for a colorful, modified and decorated bus that transports goods and people between communities in various Latin American countries, especially Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, …

Is it safe to travel by bus in Guatemala?

Buses outside of Guatemala City are genearlly safe when it comes to robbery (who wants to rob a bus full of poor people?), but inside the city are well-known for being taken advantage of regularly by gangs, especially after dark. Instead, take a proper taxi or private shuttle throughout all zones of Guatemala City.