Is Nicaragua a noun?

nicaragua noun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

Is Nicaragua an adjective?

NICARAGUAN (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is Nicaragua a word?

a republic in Central America.

Is Places considered a noun?

place (noun) place (verb) place mat (noun)

Is the word Europe a noun?

A political entity; the European Union. A continent north of Africa, west of Asia and east of the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the capital of Nicaragua?

Managua, city, capital of Nicaragua, lying amid small crater lakes on the southern shore of Lake Managua.

What is the Spanish name for Nicaragua?

Nicaragua (Spanish: República de Nicaragua, IPA [re’puβlika ðe nika’raɰwa]) is a democratic republic in Central America.

What is Nicaragua in English?

(ˌnɪkəˈræɡjʊə , -ɡwə, Spanish nikaˈraɣwa) noun. 1. a republic in Central America, on the Caribbean and the Pacific: colonized by the Spanish from the 1520s; gained independence in 1821 and was annexed by Mexico, becoming a republic in 1838. Official language: Spanish.

How do you spell Nicaragua?

Correct pronunciation for the word “nicaragua” is [nˌɪkɐɹˈaɡjuːə], [nˌɪkɐɹˈaɡjuːə], [n_ˌɪ_k_ɐ_ɹ_ˈa_ɡ_j_uː_ə].

What is noun example of noun?

A noun is a word that refers to a thing (book), a person (Betty Crocker), an animal (cat), a place (Omaha), a quality (softness), an idea (justice), or an action (yodeling). It’s usually a single word, but not always: cake, shoes, school bus, and time and a half are all nouns.

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What are nouns 10 examples?

List of Nouns

Noun Type Examples
Singular Nouns name one person, place, thing, or idea. cat, sock, ship, hero, monkey, baby, match
Plural Nouns name more than one person, place, thing, or idea. They end with the letter -s. cats, socks, ships, heroes, monkeys, babies, matches

What are 3 examples of a noun?

What is a Noun?

  • person: man, woman, teacher, John, Mary.
  • place: home, office, town, countryside, America.
  • thing: table, car, banana, money, music, love, dog, monkey.

Is Egypt a proper noun?

Egypt is a proper noun – Word Type.

What are common nouns?

A common noun is the generic name for a person, place, or thing in a class or group. Unlike proper nouns, a common noun is not capitalized unless it either begins a sentence or appears in a title.

What kind of noun is baby?

baby used as a noun:

A very young human, from birth to a couple of years old. Any very young animal, especially a vertebrate; many species have specific names for their babies, such as kittens for the babies of cats, puppies for the babies of dogs, and chicks for the babies of birds.