Frequent question: How much are bus tickets in Guatemala?

The average price for a coach ticket is 221 USD while the minimum price starts at 41 USD. Typically, the bus ride will take about 5 hours, the fastest bus will arrive to destination in 5 hours. 19 USD is how much you will spend for gas during this 3 hour trip.

How much do chicken buses cost in Guatemala?

Chicken buses in Guatemala come from far away. They’re actually refurbished school buses from the United States. These U.S. school buses are usually at least 10 years old and have over 150,000 miles on them. They’re auctioned at around $2,000 and sold to people who drive them all the way down to Guatemala.

Is it safe to travel by bus in Guatemala?

Buses outside of Guatemala City are genearlly safe when it comes to robbery (who wants to rob a bus full of poor people?), but inside the city are well-known for being taken advantage of regularly by gangs, especially after dark. Instead, take a proper taxi or private shuttle throughout all zones of Guatemala City.

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Is there public transportation in Guatemala?

The main form of public transportation is by bus. There are an abundance of camionetas buses, which are affectionately known as “chicken buses” by travelers. They are slow, particularly when winding up and down mountain roads, and often filled to capacity with people and caged birds as the name suggests.

What are the buses called in Guatemala?

Chicken buses, officially known as “camionetas;”, are the country’s local bus connecting all of Guatemala’s villages, towns, and cities. It is the main form of local transport usually the cheapest option for travelling for any distance.

What is a tuk tuk in Guatemala?

One of Guatemala forms of transportation is called a tuk tuk or in Asian countries a rickshaw. Guatemala is loaded with these little three wheel vehicles running around taking people from place to place. A Central America form of a taxi.

How do Guatemalans travel?

Buses are the main method of transportation for most Guatemalans, and many travelers choose to save money by taking buses. Often referred to as “chicken buses”, these local inter- and intracity buses are often set in old U.S. school buses. They can be crowded and you might have to stand for the entire bus ride.

Is it cheap to travel in Guatemala?

Guatemala is one of the cheaper countries in Central America. But it is certainly not as cheap as in Southeast Asia. We didn’t do extremely expensive things, but since we travelled a lot with other people, we were slightly easier than budgeted in advance.

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How much does Guatemala cost?

We spent 29 full days in the country, averaging a total Guatemala travel budget of $65.52/day for two people, or $32.76 per person, per day. This added up to a total cost of $1900.18 for our month-long trip.

Is Guatemala poor?

Poverty in Guatemala is disproportionately high for the country with the largest economy in Central America; while Guatemala had a Gross Domestic Product of $75.62 billion in 2017, it also has the second-highest level of poverty in the Americas. Since 2006, poverty has grown.

Why do so many people leave Guatemala?

The current driving forces leading to migration are crime, poverty and political corruption. Crime is a big issue for those living in Guatemala; statistically 84% to 87% of violence is attributed to gang violence and drug trafficking.

Do people use cars in Guatemala?

Only 19 per 1000 people in Guatemala own a car, so Guatemalans rely on other forms of transport more than U.S. citizens (for which there are 843 cars per 1000 people). About 300 chicken bus drivers and passengers were killed in Guatemala in 2010. …

How many international airports are there in Guatemala?

There are two international airports in Guatemala, La Aurora Intl. Airport and Mundo Maya Intl. Airport. Located in the capital city Guatemala City, La Aurora is the main airport in the country, and the fourth busiest in Central America.

What is a chicken bus Guatemala?

A chicken bus (Spanish: “camioneta de pollos” or “trambilla”, the latter a hypercorrection of “tranvía”) is a colloquial English name for a colorful, modified and decorated bus that transports goods and people between communities in various Latin American countries, especially Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, …

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Does Guatemala have school busses?

As a result of strict regulations in the USA, most school buses are sold after around 10 years’ use. … Repainted in vivid colours, the former school buses are then bought by private operators who run them profitably throughout Guatemala as much-loved public buses.

Why do they call them chicken buses?

They are called “chicken buses” by tourists because they are commonly used by locals for the transport of stock (including live-stock such as chickens) from one place to another. Camionetas are usually staffed by a driver and helper or ayudante.