Can Jamaicans travel to Panama without a visa?

If you’re a Jamaican traveller without a US visa, you will be making most of your connections in Panama. This too, is a country to explore. It’s easy! You can get a direct flight from Kingston (KIN) with Copa Airlines to Panama City (PTY).

Can Jamaican travel to Panama?

Panama has moderate restrictions for travel. Most visitors from Jamaica need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Panama. No quarantine is required.

What do Jamaican need to go to Panama?

Requirements for Entry:

  • A passport valid for at least three months past the date of entry.
  • A return ticket to home country or onward destination.
  • Money – either $500 in cash or its equivalent, or credit card, bank statement, letter of employment or travelers checks.

Do I need a visa to go to Panama?

Visitors to Panama require a visa unless they are citizens of one of the eligible countries who do not require a visa for up to 180 days. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 3 months.

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Which countries need visa for Panama?

The citizens of the following countries need to obtain a stamped tourist visa (visa estampada) before visiting Panama.


Cameroon Maldives
Central African Republic Mauritius
Congo Micronesia
Cuba People’s Republic China

Does Jamaican need visa for Bahamas?

Bahamas tourist visa from Jamaica

Most visitors from Jamaica need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Bahamas. No quarantine is required. Find travel restrictions, quarantine and entry requirements to travel Bahamas.

Do Jamaicans need visa to go to Antigua?

Jamaican citizens don’t need a visa for travelling to Antigua and Barbuda.

How long does it take from Jamaica to Panama?

Flying time from Jamaica to Panama

The total flight duration from Jamaica to Panama is 1 hour, 49 minutes.

Which Caribbean island Can I visit without a visa?

Which Caribbean island does not require a visa? There are a certain island nations of Barbuda an Antigua, the Bahamas, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Kitt’s and Nevins, St. Lucia, St.

Does Jamaican citizen need visa Mexico?

You won’t need a visa as citizens from Jamaica are exempt from needing one when they go to Mexico. However you will need to fill in a Forma Migratoria Multiple. … There are no COVID testing requirements to enter Mexico at this time. It is not necessary to observe a period of self-isolation in Mexico.

Can you fly to Panama right now?

The Department of State has issued a Level 3 Travel Advisory for Panama due to COVID-19.

What airlines fly direct to Panama?

United, American Airlines, Delta, Copa, and Spirit Airlines all offer direct flights to Panama City. Aeromexico, TAME, KLM, Air France, TACA, and Avianca provide nonstop routes for international passengers. Do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Casco Viejo, even if you only have a few hours of free time.

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How much is a tourist visa for Panama?


Visa Type Description Fee Amount (USD)
B Business/Tourist $160
C-1 Transit $160
D Ship/Airline Crew $160
E Treaty Trader/Investor, Panamanian Professional Specialty $205

Does South African need visa for Panama?

Panama tourist visa is not required for citizens of South Africa for a stay up to 180 days. …

Is Panama expensive?

While Panama is more expensive than other countries in Central America, it is not the most expensive country in Central America (I’d say that is Costa Rica). You can visit Panama on a limited budget – and, as a budget traveler, get close to my original number.

How do I get a tourist visa for Panama?

Tourist Application Requirements for a Panama Visa

  1. Hold a passport valid at least six months on entry with one blank visa page.
  2. Hold proof of onward/return flights.
  3. Hold all documents required for the next destination.
  4. Hold proof of sufficient funds of at least $500.