Are there lions in Honduras?

Mountain Lion (Common Large Mammals of Honduras) · iNaturalist.

Are there big cats in Honduras?

Honduras still has some large mammals living in the wild. Two large cats reign as top predators: the jaguar, a burly spotted feline with stocky limbs and powerful jaws; and the puma or cougar, a lithe tawny hunter that ranges from Canada’s Yukon south to Patagonia. Smaller cats include ocelots and margays.

What animals live in the Honduras?

Crocodiles, snakes, lizards (giant iguana and others), and turtles are found in the tropical forest areas. The fauna also includes deer, peccaries, tapir, pumas, jaguars, and ocelots. Fish and mollusks are abundant in lagoons and coastal waters.

Are there mountain lions in Honduras?

Are There Lions in Honduras? While you won’t find traditional lions with majestic manes in Honduras, they are home to the mountain lion. These majestic cats can be found throughout America, including both the United States and Canada.

What animal represents Honduras?

The yucatan white-tailed deer is Honduras’ national mammal and the national symbol of all Honduran wildlife.

Are Jaguars in Honduras?

Although the jaguar has been extirpated from some countries, Honduras still has significant populations of this feline. The extensive forests of La Moskitia and the Nombre de Dios Mountain Range provide the habitat this species needs, including abundant prey and refuge.

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Are there crocodiles in Honduras?

The largest American crocodile population within Honduras (and one of the largest in the world) is located within El Cajon Dam approximately 100 km inland from the Caribbean Coast at the interception of the Humuya, Sulaco and Yure Rivers.