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Belizean Pride

Belizean PrideBorn to Belizean parents and raised in Los Angeles, CA., Shaun Ayala created his first online business in 2004 sparked from the love of his Belizean heritage and culture best expressed at that time through Belizean Memorabilia.

Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, his father would take both him and his brother to the Dorsey Park Belizean Festivals. It was the ultimate experience of Belizean food, culture, music and dance in Los Angeles, and Shaun reveled in this experience, wishing he could express the same proud, patriotic feeling all year round.

As he got older he realized that “Carnival time” was the only time of the year he would come across so many things “Belizean” in one spot. “The one thing I knew we all typically had in common was a flag in our car to show our Belizean Pride Shaun said, “And if we were lucky enough to attend a festival, and experience the food, the music, the arts and the patriotic memorabilia, We would walk way with even more than a car flag!  I believe Belizeans have a tremendous pride for our country! I mean why wouldn’t we?! And I really felt that there were Belizeans-Americans, just like me, worldwide who were missing certain elements that was only offered at these festivals. I strongly felt, that accessing Belizean memorabilia to represent our Belizean Pride, should be easier, than waiting for someone to visit from Belize to bring it for us, and should be available all the time, not only at carnival time! “

Having a strong background in multimedia, and being internet and technology savvy, Shaun decided the easiest most effective way to bring Belize to Belizean-Americans was to offer a selection of Belizean elements that would allow all Belizeans worldwide to proudly display and express their love for Belize in the form of memorabilia, online social media scripts, computer & mobile image downloads etc. through

To date, is used and shared on all social media sites worldwide. Shaun continues to be passionate about teaching and sharing the unique culture of the old Belize and at the same time highlighting the successes of Belize today. “I’m excited to be a part of our culture in a way that is more than just waving our beautiful flag during festive events or placing a flag in our car to show our Belizean pride. I believe it is more important that with the evolution of Social Media and Technology that we are able to represent our uniqueness in away that lets the world know that even though Belize is a small country in Central America, we are a people of pride with a huge love for our culture. It’s Belizean Pride Worldwide.” is the #1 source of Belizean Pride memorabilia, online social media scripts, computer & mobile image downloads worldwide.

We also offer recipes, news, Belizean stories and so much more.

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2 Responses to "Shaun Ayala – Belizean Pride"

  1. Kevin Lord  April 20, 2012

    Shaun keep up the great work brother. My parents & whole family are from Belize. I live in Ft. Lauderdale Fla & am a Professional Barber. If you ever come over to South Florida come threw for a haircut. Would like to do some networking with you. Contact me on my email when you get a chance. God-Bless…

  2. Laurita Blair  September 4, 2016

    Hello Shaun. I am so proud of you teaching educating and sharing our belizean-american culture to the youger generations. I went to Nortrom in New York an upscale Store and I saw a young gentleman wearing one of your items on Belizean Pride. It was such an unique piece. I turned around an said you ordered that piece from my nephew in Los Angeles. He turned around and said WoW. It is a small world. Love ya nephew.


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