"I felt Mister Peters would run away if he saw how our national identity is slipping when it comes to music. Music like sports binds people together."

Run Mister Peters Run!
This is a picture of Jose A Sanchez Belizean Writer

Lord Rhaburn and Calypso Rose

This is a picture of Jose A Sanchez Belizean Writer
Author – Jose A Sanchez

That was a popular song of Wilfred Peters (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PYr3gkGXzA8). But I kept thinking of it this morning and it wasn’t in a positive way. I felt Mister Peters would run away if he saw how our national identity is slipping when it comes to music. Music like sports binds people together. That is why countries like the USA promote sports, each state feels tied to their football, baseball and basketball teams. I even hear Belizeans say that maybe next year they’ll make the playoffs.

Recently three regional artists have visited Belize. Mr. Fete- Machel Montano is in the country. He first came two decades ago when people were following his “Mad Bull Fever” song. He’s a genuine artist and he will promote what will no doubt be a wholesome Caribbean celebration show.

Alkaline in Belize
Jamaican Artist, Alkaline


The other artist is the young Jamaican who allegedly tattooed the white of his eyes black. Alkaline has catchy tunes but read his lyrics below that the young people of Cayo and Dangriga will listen to for Belize’s anniversary of its independence.

It would have been nice if the local sponsors of Belize’s Independence Celebration events would have felt the same way about our local artists. Shouldn’t we be promoting Belizean artists at least this time of year? Think about the fishermen, every year at Easter time reporters go to the fish market to get consumers to complain about the rapid increase in the price of fish and then the fishers explain that this is the only time of year there is a strong local demand and they get to take home some extra pay because of the increased demand.  Do our musicians have a time of year that they are in extreme demand? The national song competition is a good effort on the part of NICH but there has to be more.

Mister Peters Band Belize
Mr. Wilfred Peters A.K.A. Mister Peters

It was good that Mr. Peters was cherished while he was alive. There is another artist I saw a few years ago on Independence Day. He was walking with his straw hat on his head. I was naive and asked people do you know who that is? I wonder when he flew back to Belize. Where was the concert going to take place? As a child he was as popular if not more popular than Mister Peters. He certainly did have some albums out on record when records were hard to come by.

I was disappointed to learn that he did not fly in on any airline. He had lived in Belize all these years but had not received the love and attention his music deserves. Gerald “Lord” Rhaburn is a Belizean calypso, soca, reggae and brukdown musician. Lord Rhaburn is the creole artist of the independence era. Yo Born deh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm7Ji56RpeI

And i mentioned two international artists. I  did say there were three in town. The first artist to come was Calypso Rose.

Lord Rhaburn and Calypso Rose
Lord Rhaburn and Calypso Rose

She sang on Lord Rhaburn’s record ‘Tenth September,’a historical classic.  This non-Belizean sang her way via Lord Rhaburns Combo into the psyche and hearts of nationalists.

That’s why decades later she can still come here and receive love. We can thank Lord Rhaburn for that too.


How did she feel about Belize? Listen to her next song about wanting to jump up on Albert Street!


She isn’t the only Caribbean artist to show us some love.  Lord Laro….. his lyrics  are sublime. “Ya da fu we Belize…tell Guatemala leave we Belize alone. Tell them respect our sovereignty …” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXQ6e7bAH7k

So I say bring musicians, ask Machel since this is his second trip to Belize, write a song about Belize, collaborate with our local musicians on a Independence song and we will be very happy for his third return. I know promoters have money to make, but September is for Belizeans and people who love Belize. Ya da fu we Belize. Tell them to respect our sovereignty. And if they ask you why? Tell them you born deh!



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