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Peter Johnson Jr. – Software Engineer

Peter Johnson Jr. – Bio

It is the end of May 2017, in the city of Chicago; and a young, dynamic Belizean software engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology has just wrapped up his most important project to date: a complete overhaul of the software that manages the training records for all airport personnel that carried an ID badge for the Chicago Department of Aviation.  

Peter Johnson, founder of IncrediSoft Solutions, is realizing his dream … to partner with companies living with outdated, legacy information systems (IS) technology, to help them realize that newer, cutting edge technologies are now within reach, and to lead them forward comfortably in a way that fits both their business model and their budget.

Although this successful project with the Department of Aviation gave him ample reason to look out towards his future with anticipation and confidence, it was this signature moment in his career that gave Peter pause to reflect on how far he had come, and how his decision to pursue his dreams helped to chart the course of his life.

Born Peter Johnson Jr. on June 18, 1984 in Dangriga, Belize, Peter was the fifth and last child to be born and raised in the humble household of Frances and Peter Johnson Sr.  From graduating valedictorian of his class at Sacred Heart Elementary School in 1997, to becoming student council president in his junior year at Ecumenical High School in 1999, leadership was an emerging character trait in Peter throughout his academic career.  His growth curve as a developing leader culminated in being awarded the title Mr. Ecumenical in March of 2001 – in the midst of preparing for both diploma exams and his Caribbean exam certificates – before graduating high school in June of that same year.

After graduating high school, Peter moved to Belize City to continue his studies at St. John’s College Junior College.  Upon receiving his Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems from St. John’s, he went on to be recruited by Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he would become the Supervisor of the IT unit at the hospital.  In time, he would look to leverage this experience to advance his career in the U.S., leading him to relocate to Chicago in 2010.

He landed his first information systems opportunity with a short-term internship at KCura Corporation. A start up at the time, KCura (now known as Relativity) has since become the leading e-discovery software solutions provider in the U.S.  As a newly hired custom developer building software on top of the Relativity platform, Peter’s  ability to quickly assess the clients’ needs from the SLAs, build a solution, and deploy it within as little as two weeks, attracted the attention of the CEO himself, Andrew Sieja, who remarked that the company had employed people with Master’s degrees that took much longer to pick up their processes, and was duly impressed with Peter’s aptitude and ability to assimilate information so quickly. 

Andrew and KCura not only gave Peter his first opportunity here in the U.S., but was also the source of tremendous inspiration as well…inspiration that would motivate and encourage Peter to ultimately start his own company.  At KCura, Andrew would often talk to new employees about the start-up journey that KCura embarked upon, and the odds they overcame to get to where they were at the time. The story of the birth of KCura, in Peter’s mind, paralleled his own vision.  Andrew and a few friends of his, “four knuckleheads that decided to set up shop and start writing code…”, according to Andrew, inspired Peter to start thinking about getting out there and using this as a model for the birth of his own company.  From then on, Peter started paying a lot of attention to the leadership, culture, evolution and growth of KCura … growth that saw Peter start as employee #42, and has recently seen the company hire its 1000th employee.

This was the inspiration…along with hard work and opportunity, from which IncrediSoft Solutions was born; and which opened the door for an aspiring software engineer with big dreams to be able to provide a unique perspective and solution for one of the most mission critical systems within the Chicago Department of Aviation.

This system is a primary one that the FAA audits every year for compliance.  The department hadn’t done well in previous audits, and Peter’s entry into this process in 2016 was a last-ditch effort to try to get compliant or face million-dollar fines. Peter saw that this project was actually three projects in one; and singlehandedly came up with the architecture, as well as conducted the training of all of the end users of the software.  For the first time in a couple of years the department passed their audit. Since both O’Hare and Midway airports combine to form the busiest air traffic hub in the US, Peter saw very clearly that this was much more than an IS project, but a civic duty to help keep the thousands of people who travel by air, to and from Chicago, safe and sound.

Moving forward, Peter’s vision for IncrediSoft is to be the bridge between new, emerging technologies and the companies that have been left behind due to their concerns over the costs.  “I want to revolutionize the culture around information systems technology within Belize and the broader Caribbean,” says Peter.  Companies, both private and public, want the newest technologies, but feel they are too expensive, and that moving forward would be cost prohibitive.   Peter wants IncrediSoft to be the provider of choice that can bring them affordable technologies that can modernize their IS infrastructure.

In addition, Peter’s vision is for IncrediSoft to be fully virtual as well.  Being a professional service, leveraging the technologies that are available to us today, Peter maintains, “… if the companies can’t afford to come to him, then he can go to them.”  He wants his company to be a real-world example of the product their selling; and, by taking advantage of the newest technology, he wants to demonstrate the global reach that he can help his clients achieve.Today, you are no longer bound to outdated, legacy IS systems due to concerns over costs.  New and emerging technologies are now within reach. Let IncrediSoft Solutions provide the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.  Contact us today to schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation.

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