Miss Belize – Destinee Arnold takes the pride of jewel  to Okinawa Japan

She is destined for Greatness!!!

After successfully completing international pageant training and participating in the September celebrations, Destinee departed to Japan with a smile on her   face and a mission to represent Belize with pride as a beauty and tourism ambassador.  Along with a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, several resort vacations, and many modeling opportunities, the Official Miss Belize has received the opportunity to represent our jewel in the highly prestigious Miss International Pageant being  held in Okinawa, Japan from October 1st to October 22nd  .  Miss International is hailed as one of the three most significant pageants in the world   for its fifty – two year history and the ability to attract participants from over 100 countries.  In addition to poise and elegance, delegates of Miss International are required to show documentation of charity work and, actively promote goodwill and tourism throughout her country and express a genuine interest in strengthening her country’s foreign relationship with   Asian countries.  Thus far the delegates have visited a Japanese castle and participated in a forum to share their charity work in their personal mission statements.

It is evident in her photos that our young beauty is leaving quite and impression of Belize on the minds and hearts of pageant participants and the people of Okinawa. We couldn’t be more proud of her.”

Opal Enriquez- National Director, Miss Belize- Queen of the Jewel

Queen of the Jewel – The Official Miss Belize Pageant was held at the Bliss Centre for Performing Arts on
July 7th  2012  with the    cultural theme “Destinations Belize”  , which brought forth a breathtaking display of costumes representing various tourists attractions throughout Belize .   The pageant was aired live on Love Television as a large and excited audience cheered the nine talented young women  from  all regions of the Jewel. .  Entertainment was provided by New Generation  Dance Company , steel pan by Alex Evans and  a steller performance by  award winning Belizean artist,  Nello Playa.

The night ended with the coronation of 19 year old Destinee Arnold, who represented Roaring Creek in the Cayo District.  Destinee is currently persuing her Bachelors Degree in Sociology at California State University in Fullerton and plans to pusue a career in Family Law.  Upon completion of her education, Destinee hopes that her passion for outreach to high risk youth will help us to create a more promising future  for those  cricumstances and experiences  have derailed  their ability   envision success.  “My 6th grade teacher had a banner hanging at the top of our whiteboard that said “What you do now will affect your future”.  That statement has stayed with me throughout the years and is something that I would like to pass on to the youth

Of Belize” says Destinee.  This talented and intelligent young lady is the eldest of four children and credits her family for instilling in her   the values of strong work ethic, determination, and honesty.  “My mother is my greatest inspiration “says Destinee.  She is the true definition of a  strong and independent  woman  but   always  makes family her priority.”

Queen of the Jewel LTD obtained the rights to use the registered trademark Miss Belize from the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) in June of 2012. In addition to upholding the prestigious and exclusive title, Miss Belize, Queen of the Jewel continues on their mission to build a stronger community by creating avenues for positive experience by encouraging our young women   to strive for excellence while celebrating their Belizean heritage.  If you wish to assist in sponsoring this great opportunity for Destinee as she carries the pride of Belize to Japan please send an email to missbelizetv@gmail.com or call 501 610 3777 for more information.

You may also make contributions on line by logging on to www.gofundme.com/MissBelize

If you are in the US you may call 818 457 7638

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