Master Garifuna Drummer – Frankie “Pa-G” Garcia
Belize in America - Garifuna Drummer
Garifuna Drummer Frankie Pa G Garcia

One of the most talented Garifuna drummers of our time, Frankie “Pa-G” Garcia is a Garifuna- American born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Dangriga, Belize. He taught himself to play the drums on his first instrument, a pigtail bucket.  When his mother discovered his talent and passion for drumming, she bought a pair of drums for him and his older brother, Richard “Lull” Garcia.  He then began playing for Sunflower Dance Group and at school activities.  Growing up he admired and learned from master drummers, Teigi, Birdie, Lupe, and Bato. Playing with these drummers he honed his skills and mastered the art of playing the sacred music of the Garifuna people in ancestral rituals and expanded his proficiency with the drums.  He excels at playing the Primero and Segundo drums.  In Garifuna music, the Primero drum provides the cross rhythms while Segundo provides the tempo and bass.   Frankie is also able to play other musical instruments such as the turtle shells, maracas, congas, guitar, and bass guitar.

In the early 1990s, as the musical genre punta rock exploded on the scene, Master Drummer Frankie Garcia began playing with many bands.  He played with Pen Cayetano and the Turtle Shell Band, Ugurau Band and Sounds Incorporated to name a few. He has recorded on many popular punta rock albums such as the classics, Garifuna Nuguya by Peter “Poots” Flores, Conch Soup and Married to Ah by Chico Ramos.  In 2000, He also recorded on the Tribal Vibes album by Bredda David.  In 2007, He recorded on the popular album Hot Party Vibes by Caribbean Dynamics Band.

As an ambassador of Garifuna drumming/music he has traveled extensively.  In 1992, he traveled to Trinidad and Tobago for the 2nd Gathering of Indigenous People.  In 1993, he went to Cartegena and Bogota, Columbia for various music festivals.  In 1995, he toured Europe with Andy Palacio as a turtle shell player.  He has traveled many cities across the United States and Central America playing and representing Garifuna Culture.  In addition, he has played drums for professional dance groups in Belize and the United States.

Due to his extensive knowledge of Garifuna drumming and musical genres, in 2010 he received the Isabel Flores Award for Garifuna Drumming and was featured in the Amandala Newspaper in Belize.  He has been recognized by numerous organizations for his contributions to the community.  He continues to give of his time to perform in rituals, festivities and presentations.

Frankie Garcia currently lives in Los Angeles, where he has played and danced with the Wanaragua Dancers of Los Angeles and recently finished recording with upcoming artist Len Cayetano.   He is currently establishing his company, Culcha Jam Entertainment and is preparing to pass along his talent to the youth by serving as an instructor with the Chatuye Drumming Academy of Los Angeles.  In an effort to preserve the essence of Garifuna culture, Frankie Pa-G Garcia continues to be dedicated to playing the traditional music of the Garifuna people.

3 Responses to "Master Garifuna Drummer – Frankie “Pa-G” Garcia"

  1. VITAPASCUAL  June 21, 2012

    Mama nuguda bou Frankie luwagu arihiwadibula kei aba wugurie Garifuna kafaraditi gararu. bubaruguwameme ba heyurahi lafaruniwa ligararu rasa Garifuna. binilabu Bugiu lou erei luma gurasu lu barufudaha hun isi irahuyu. Panta tina bau nuduye. UBAFU BU, LOU ISIENI:

  2. Wan Garcia  November 11, 2015

    I am round of you my Cuzn. At such a young age you have accomplished so much. Your hard work and dedication will never be forgotten. Very few will be blessed with the talent you display, yet many will attempt, to conquer. It will take individuals like you to push and give them the encouragement needed to work harder to become better. Having you lead a Garifuna drumming class will be absolutely rewarding for the children in the community. My boys are looking forward to attending big cousin class.
    I must say you have been complimented with a beautiful family and a great woman who’s charter speaks volumes as well. Hard work pays off. 😉
    Looking forward to celebrating more moments with you . I thank you for sharing your talent over the globe

  3. Carl Zuniga  November 11, 2015

    I am so happy for the good brother. he have a very strong passion to the music and culture. and I also appreciate and thank you belizeinamerica for highlighting the work that Pa-G have contributed to the Belizean community in United States and abroad peace out.


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