Marlon Alegria – Caribbean Dynamics
Marlon Alegria aka Platinum Fingers was born in Branch Mouth, Cayo District to Rose Marie Escobar and Arturo Alegria. As a child he lived in Corozal and Orangewalk. In 1989 due to his parents migration to united states he moved back together with his sister to Cayo. His adventures started instantly just trying to count the amount of family members around the house. To start he found out that from his mom’s side there was 17 siblings and 9 were still living at home. His childhood games was spending hours in the rivero or taking adventures with cousins in the jungle. Some of his favorite things was watching his older cousin from mom’s side practicing at Las Casitas with Obando’s Band and occasionally enjoy the boleros of his grandfather Alejandro Alegira on his guitar when he visited. His curiousity or maybe his natural musical instinct started way back then. On a phone call with dad, he use the phrase family members often use in Belize when talking to family abroad, “I WANT” and begged for a keyboard. Dad send him a casio keyboard which shortly Marlon burned trying to fix a power adapter.

  Sometimes tragedies are part of the things that makes you grow stronger. In 1994 he experience the death of his 22 year old uncle who died weeks after falling of the scaffles of the Belize market building and to add the tragedy his cousin dying the hours in a car accident of the uncle’s funeral. Two months later he presense the suicide of his 25 year old uncle who couldn’t take the death of his little brother and decided to end his life with a riffle. The good memories of his cousin and uncles was what kept everything better. Some people would be tramatized for life but Marlon was always a strong and intelligent person. 
 In 1994, more than 5 years of  separation, his parents got the opportunity to go back home to see his children. The happiness of reuniting with his parents and meeting for the first time his 4 year old brother turned into sadness knowing that he would have to leave the people and place he fell in love with. In january of 1995 he migrated to Los Angeles, California. A new life and a new beginning was to come in the near future. His first musical interaction was introduce by his father when he attended Latin Lovers Band rehearsal. Latin Lovers was a combination of Marlon’s uncle Amir escobar on the drums, father on vocals, cousin Henry Landero on keyboards, Benito Landero on guitar, and two other members from Cayo. Henry Landero was the first person to teach him the basic chords on the keyboard and from here he said from here “yu de pan yu own”.  He instantly fell in love the keyboards which he almost kept on 24/7 and practiced on his skills whenever he got a chance. He basically taught himself to play the keyboard by reading books and listening to all genre of music. In high school he join the school orchestra and gained knowledge playing the Cello. 
  In less that two years at the age of 16 he was playing rhthyms and chords at a remarkable level. In 1996  a new band, Belizean Caribbean Dynamics  was formed with members Arturo Alegria, Francis Labreil, Stephen Bain, Cecille Pickwood, Porfi Canchan, and Marlon was the rhythm and lead keyboard player. Later in 1997 the band, which now was Caribbean Dynamics continued with new owner Arturo and Marlon Alegria. At the same time Marlon freelanced with Cross Culture Band, Belizean Gold, and Michael Wagner’s Roots Band. In 2003 Caribbean Dynamics recorded their first album where Marlon did all of the arrangement for the songs and sang 5 of the tracks. In 2005 Hot Party Vibez album, which was a demo practice session was recorded and include musicians like Risden Martinez, Frankie “PaG” Garcia, Nuru Ellis, Emmanuel “Dr Rhythm” Cattouse, Stephen Bain, Arturo Alegria, Jaime Craig, and Pajar. On our 2005 mini tour to Belize we took 50 copies of Hot Party Vibez which we gave out to radio stations and fans turned into the new sensation. To our sorprize when we went back on our second tour in 2006, our band was the #1 in Belize. Later Marlon produced and recorded albums The Belize Tour, and Hot Pary Vibez #2 for the band. 
His musical career includes playing alongside Fab5, Santino’s Messengers, New Sensation, Cross Culture, Belizean Gold’s, New Dimension, Byron Lee, Morgan Heritage, Tony Rebel, Coolie Rebel, Punta Cartel and more. Also accompanied artist and bands like Titiman Flores, Mohobub, Garif, Leonard Lopez, Danki man, Calypso Rose, Bella Carib, Dobbi Dobson, Carlton Brown, Dymin, Punta Cartel, Belizean Gold, Roots Band, Island Rhythms, Upstream Band, 501 Band, Phase 2, Supa G, Nuru, Mr. Peters, Leela Vernon, Pluto Shervington, Iwanhi, Aziatic, Gadu Nunez, El Sheriff, Macako, Ideal, Marcony Star, Aurelio Martinez, Jess Flores, Sapp Sanchez, Roy Da Drumma, Bernadeth Gilharry, Garif, Lovindeer, Lord Laro, Lord Rhaburn, Eljai, Punta Dan, etc. As a musician he has been to San Diego, Miami , Belize Tour Easter of 2005 and 2006, Guatemal, New York, Chicago, and Houston.

  In the caribbean musician scene he is considered one of the top keyboard players and one disciplined person. In the near future you will continue to hear and see his new works and performances. He is currently working on his personal album and the new album for Caribbean Dynamics. One of his wish is to see Belizean bands and musicians stop fighting and destroying the industry by perfoming for poor man gigs. The goal is to make people enjoy our music but at the same time learn to respect what we do by recompesating us. One of the most important things for him is the love for his country and the respect of its cultures. Although he has been abroad more than half of his life he has retained his culture and language. Music to him is the rhytm of life, from the heart beats to the water movement of the oceans, music is everywhere. As a belizean in america he will continue to entertain and keep our music traditions alive for years to come.

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