Lova Boy – The Prince of Belize in Chetumal
Belize In America
Belize in America

Belize In AmericaThe award winning Prince of Belize shined bright at the 2014 CARNAVAL CHETUMAL. Headlining such a massive festival is no small feat for any artist of any genre. This is the real deal. And so it was time. At 10pm sharp, the prayer was said, the water drunk, and the push ups were done. The stage was set and the microphone was placed in the hands of a calm spirited Lova Boy. However this calm was soon to become a distant memory. Just like a lion in the jungle, the now infamous catch phrase “YESSSSIIIIIIIIIII IT IS I

LO-VA-BRRRRRRRRR BOYYYYYYY” came bursting out of the concert speakers and immediately it cast a hypnotic spell over what felt like the entire city. Armed with both the Belizean and Garifuna flags, proudly waved by Royal Luna, the Prince took to the stage and the rest was history. Once on stage, Lova Boy quickly established his dominance over the crowd, singing and dancing his way graciously through and across the language barrier, serenading and captivating 10,000+ predominantly Mexican concert goers. With a style and swagger unmatched, the Belize bred hit maker did exactly what he has become famous for doing, ENTERTAIN! At one point even making an on duty police officer dance punta rock on stage. Through out the night Lova Boy belted out a barrage of his hits including, PUMP, YOU DA WIFE, BEAUTIFUL and the classic TORNADO. After an hour and a half of straight jamming and three encores, the show was over and a shoe less Lova Boy was whisked away, but not before being mobbed by eager fans and Lova Boy enthusiasts. Lova Came, Lova Saw and by all accounts Lova Conquered the 2014 CARNAVAL CHETUMAL.

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