Hu-Bee: A multitalented Youth from Dangriga, Belize who created his own opportunity.

Hu-Bee: A multitalented Youth from Dangriga, Belize

Hu-Bee: A multitalented Youth from Dangriga, Belize

Greetings, friends and family. First off, this post is not about me (Cyril Uruwei). I wanna take time out to big up and acknowledge this youth right here. He goes by the name Hu-Bee. He’s a very multitalented youth, very humble, and displays GOOD manners in his verbal and physical expressions. He aspires to become one of Belize’s most recognized artist in the music industry. Apart from music, Hu-Bee is fascinated with cameras.

The first time he approached me, I was super busy multitasking at an event. He took the initiative to enter into my space to see how he could help. Apart from his intention to assist me, he wanted to learn.

Fast forward a year later, Hu-Bee has now been afforded the privilege to travel with me to different places when possible. Apart from the knowledge he is now absorbing from my years of experience, he will see and experience things that many youths, unfortunately, will only get to “continue” dream about. 

Reasons for this post: 
1) I woke up feeling grateful for his contribution to the work that I do, and I’m inspired by his determination and burning desire “to win in life.” 

2) I hope that some youth out there might stumble upon this post and learn to assert themselves in order to be recognized. Don’t sit around and wait for opportunities. Create your own opportunity(ies). Be determined “to win in life.”

3) I’m sure that there are many other youths out there like Hu-Bee with suppressed talents and passions. And all they need is an outlet. 

In the near future, I hope to start a mentorship program to afford more youths, like Hu-Bee, the opportunity to get hands-on experience to express, exercise and perfect their untapped abilities.

In closing, keep on pushing. Someone is always watching. This world is a cycle. And don’t forget that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to achieve true success without helping others. Do something good for someone today. 

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