Giesel Arnold – Entrepreneur
Belizean health and fitness expert

Giesel Arnold is a native of Dangriga Town, Belize.  She is the eldest of six siblings and has always been a high achiever.  She attended St. John’s College where she earned her Associates Degree in Business and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the University of Belize.

First job out of college was a program coordinator for a non-profit that advocated for domestic violence and people living with HIV/AIDS.    Then in 2007, she seized an opportunity to live and work in the United States.  Although it meant leaving her family back in Dangriga, she was in search of a better opportunity in America.

After a pit stop in Los Angeles, she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  As she worked multiple temporary jobs, the word opportunity took on a different meaning, but with persistence she soon landed a big break as an Executive Assistant for the Chief of Surgery at the University of Minnesota.   Despite a demanding schedule, she volunteered at Eager to Learn, a tutoring service for underprivileged students.

The wave of layoffs that swept the University in 2010 did not catch her by surprise, but motivated her to pursue a different kind of opportunity- an opportunity that would afford her a more rewarding future that would never be downsized.

She then ventured out to Austin, Texas and turned her hobbies into a business.  She started a catering business, specializing in seasonal, vibrant and wholesome food and began making all natural body moisturizers made of organic oils.    Even though these were passion projects, these crafts were not the best investment of her time.

As her stars aligned, Giesel responded to an opportunity that was in line with my passion and offered abundance in all areas of life.  Upon entering the Network Marketing industry, Giesel realized that you can do what you love and get paid what you are worth.   Giesel has been sharing this message with other ambitious individuals who want more than a 9-5.

Giesel currently resides in Houston, TX where she loves creating lasting relationships with people and introducing them to a prosperous way of life, through healthy living, financial freedom and personal development.   She is eager to connect with her Belizean as well as Afro-Caribbean community nationwide.

Passionate about living a wholesome, healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, and all natural beauty products, she started her own home based business, helping people all over the world become financially free.

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