Dudley Augustine – A.K.A. King Stamina

Dudley Augustine also known as KingStamina “The Long Lasting Brand” is a Belizean Producer, Promoter and Investor, who in the last 15 years have produced Puntarock Concerts in Belize, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Las Vegas.

As a member of Sta-Tic Productions, along with business partner Vince “Aziatic” Lewis have released a series of concert dvd’s, albums that are now available at (www.belizeanartist.com/Aziatic.htm). As of late, you can find Kingstamina working on his new book “From Outside The Box” and as the Associate Producer for two up coming independent movies, the first one “Road 2 Damascus (www.road2damascus.info) which is about a preacher struggling to save his ministry when given the opportunity to go make millions by touring the country with one of the best gospel groups that American has ever seen and the second, Garifuna In Peril (www.garifunafilmtrilogy.com) which is a dramatic feature film focusing on historical and contemporary issues facing the Garifuna community. Hoping that when all is said and done these ventures will open more opportunities for Belizean musicians to have their music in movies as well as having more outlet for their stories.

Aside from working in entertainment field Stamina enjoys reading, writing, comedy, sports, action movies and listening to music. One of his short term goals is to score a distribution deal for the albums and dvd’s that have produced as well as establishing a fan base in Europe and other parts of the world for “Punta Music”.

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