Time to Reflect

However, I like looking at the platinum lining around each cloud and know that nothing is by coincidence.  Every person has an inner soul whether they believe it or not and this situation that unfolded, has given me the opportunity to reflect and test the mettle of my core and that is good from time to time.  I have been just writing sparingly on this issue, trying to think what is the middle ground and if asked, how I would solve this dilemma, without bloodshed, but never really getting involved and not belonging to any group.  I even took the liberty to speak with Caleb about it and to ask questions and get answers and to see beyond the case where this was going and offered my advice on a better strategy…but it was only a conversation.   I seek to provoke thoughts now and then, but clearly left it to run its course.  I know many Belizeans too do not want to take sides and want to just ride it out or do not have a hardline and even when they disagree are not haters.

However, I now know that unlike what I thought that this was only about decriminalizing sodomy, it has to be that the implications are even more far-reaching than I had anticipated, because if they could seek to shut me up and go after me like this, when I have no influence over the pending court case that is now closed, then once they have received the liberal mandate to do as they please, then I can see them even more resolved to quash any opposition idea or expression.  I know at first it seemed unimaginable to me, but in Belize where we are generally passive, forgiving and easy-going, many of us will not take time out to conjure the worst case scenario and no one persecutes gay people and so many of us know or suspect friends, relatives and colleagues may be gay, but make no big issue of it.   No one goes about asking you your sexual preference and discriminating based on it.  But if I find statistics otherwise I will believe.  In Belize gay people are prone to the same murder, robbery, sexual assault as any one of us in Belize; if such crimes were geared at only same-sex partners then it would be totally discriminatory.  As a matter fact Section 53 does not discriminate because it equally criminalizes sodomy of man upon woman and makes no distinction … saying “any person”.   But, no problem, it’s anyone’s Constitutional right to move the courts for a ruling.   But the reaction and subsequent campaign against this article will be the proof of how far the few will go and for how long they will launch their attack campaign.  I will now know if other views are really respected or must be cowered into silence!


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