Cowered into Silence: Audrey Matura-Shepherd – The Domino Effect!

The Domino-effect!

I have never really taken a strict Christian approach to my writing, though I usually ask God’s blessings on Belize and its people, because as far as I know we are a God-fearing nation.  Last week I wrote an article, like all other weeks, but at the final part I quoted a BBC report where there is a group of zoophiles who practice bestiality in Germany where such sexual act with animals have been made legal since 1969.  I was totally appalling when I read that such thing can even be legal, because by our section 53 of the Criminal Code it is illegal, amongst other things.  And, in the article I made it clear that just like how UNIBAM today has grouped to demand homosexual sodomy be made legal, it is not unimaginable that another group which practices zoophilia, to equally rise up and also demand their right to consensual sex with animals since the proponents of such act attest that animals can consent to said thing.  It’s possible… just two years ago who would have though UNIBAM’s challenge would have even been possible?

This revelation, which clearly shows that there can be a domino effect as different groups demand more rights, caused an outrage by the proponents of the legalization of sodomy, who have refused to discuss the further implications and the other sections which section 53 addresses.  Fine they have made their own outrageous claims and not once have I called out any or attacked their views, but rather stated mine for full public consumption.  But what this freedom I have exercised has shown me is that the pro-homosexual lobby wants more than their “fair-share” they want to cut down any contrary view, or anything that shows that once one domino falls the other will also be asked to fall.  Interestingly, I have never written about this issue from a biblical stance, but more of a legal stance, reminding that our Constitution has created a Christian-Democracy, thus as a nation we still acknowledge the supremacy of God in our preamble.  Evan-X Hyde wrote some weeks aback that the roots man just know by nature that it is unnatural and went on to theorize the churches’ stance in the midst of it all, but his view was not a Christian one either.


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