Stretching discrimination

Honestly, I even thought that Luis Wade of Plus TV was exaggerating when he cited cases in countries where photographers are taken to court for not wanting to take same sex couples’ pictures, because it is contrary to their faith, or pastors who refuse to marry them because it is contrary to their religion, I paid it no attention and tuned him out.  That is until I felt the wrath from hell.  I am disgusted by even the thought that one has to yield their faith to other’s way… it should be neither way… if they are not willing to yield their preference to one’s faith, neither should one yield their faith to their preference.  The solution thus could simply be that either have choices to exercise and they agree to respect each other’s.  Thus the non-discriminatory rule goes both ways and proper  check and balances must be in place so neither  offends the other.  But worldwide that is not the case because homophobia is being denounced, but Cristophobia [a phobia for God (my own word)] is being pronounced and accepted.

Here is but one reports on Louis’ page about the practice of Cristophobia: “BRITAIN: Nadia Eweida, a British Airways check-in clerk was suspended by the company for insisting on wearing a small silver cross. Lillian Ladele was a registrar for Islington Council in London, but lost her job after she refused to preside over civil partnerships. Gary McFarlane was sacked by Relate after he refused to counsel gay couples about their sexual relationships.”  Imagine a deprived few have sought to approach advertisers for Plus TV not to support the station and even photoshop pictures of Louis and Pastor Scott in an intimate position… yet they call opponents haters…you figure it out for yourself!

The other day I even saw an interview with Neil Clark Warren, Christian founder of, which is a website for Christians to meet and date other Christians.  “The dating website, which was originally angled toward Christian singles, was sued because it did not offer matching options for homosexual singles”,  Warren explained.   eHarmony has faced multiple lawsuits in the past regarding discrimination, as occurred in the 2008 New Jersey settlement, from which Compatible Partners (a same-sex website) was born.  The company also settled a 2010 class action lawsuit in California after it was accused of discriminating against homosexuals because it did not link its eHarmony website to its Compatible Partners website because it was not enough that they had their own site but wanted access to the Christian clients…what you call that?  Read more at

This all happened in America, despite Warren’s  Constitution allowing freedom of Faith or Religion, such right was subservient to the “right” to be allowed to seek same sex partners on that site.   That struck me as odd, because under his freedom of religion he cannot be forced to do anything contrary to his faith or so I thought.  Did this mean his articles of association had to be changed to remove its focus on Christian family values?  It’s like doctors who do not believe in abortion, cannot be forced to perform one.

I don’t want to think we will get there, but realizing that it’s possible I have even contemplated distancing myself from Oceana, so that my personal views don’t damage the good work to save our oceans and Belize’s reef that is in motion.  This is a good time for some soul-searching and it reminds me of politics, when politicians says “If you are not with me you are against me”.  I know many Belizeans have tried to play it safe but everyone must stop and key in to listen and not be caught without enough information to participate in a discourse and a decision.

For me as I ponder my own future in the development of my country I want to end with Mark 8:36 “ What good it benefits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” (I hope no one gets offended by me quoting scripture).

God bless all in Belize… those who agree and disagree!

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