Audrey Matura-Shepherd – Not all lumped together

But I think that Ms. Shoman of all people would know that in America all institutions need to be liberal and even when individuals have a contrary view, it cannot be expressed as a position of the organization and thus the lines are clear.  In the work place there, not here, people cannot just start a meeting with a prayer, run a sexual joke, or allude to anything that would be deemed inappropriate.  But Oceana international can speak for itself on its mandate, and it will be no surprise to any that its mandate is NOT a human rights or gay rights one.

So, rhetorically I had asked her if her views are those of the PUP, which clearly we all know the answer to that, but she felt compelled to answer.  But, what I want Belizeans to be warned about is that a faction of the homosexual lobby and agenda, will apply whatever means to achieve their objective.  However, in fairness to the majority who are supporters, I must say that its not all who are part of this bigger agenda, since many contacted me privately to tell me that they are not part of the tactics being applied, and some who are not even homosexuals but support the LGBT cause reached out to me to disagree with the outrights attacks on me and the behind the scenes campaign to equate my view to Oceana’s in order to force Oceana to take a position and denounce mine.  Thus I do not want to be unfair and lump all together, because clearly it is only a core organized fanatic fraction that seeks to launch and engage in the attack.

Some alerted me about the e-mails circulating to remove me from their facebook page and the research of anything negative about me to use against me.  Wow, what a campaign to get after one person with one different view.

However, for avoidance of any doubt, I make it clear that my column has always been my own personal view from its inception, even when I address issues of oil in this column.  And Oceana where needed will make that public in response to any questions, claims or query, for which I do regret their being dragged into this and apologize to them – management and staff!


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