Contrary views not allowed!

Now, based on this experience I am going through, I could foresee there will come a day when, worse than politics, no one in this country will be tolerated to express a contrary view on public moral issues, especially gay issues.  My recent experience has shown me how the attack against your God-given right to express your views will not only be public, and in the courts, but even behind the scene, where the tentacles of their network will be their seeking to undermine.  So the first sign that those forces were at work behind the scenes came from Kenrick Raymark Theus Diaz, who sent the following note to my CEO in DC:

“I must draw your attention to written words from your Belize head person regarding and comparing homosexuality to bestiality. Her comments are crude and really not what Oceana wants to have as their platform in any foreign country. I ask that she apologizes to teh general population in the same manner and medium where she offended. Oceana needs all the help and support it can get in its constant struggle to safeguard the reef, marine assets and environment of this country. Any attention to matters that draws from tha is not needed or appreciated whatsoever. As a concerned Belizean interested in any matter where the rights of one is trampled for the views of others, I implore your input and corrective measures to this holy mess created by a person purporting to represent your organization locally.” [sic to all his typos therein]

To her credit, at least Lisa Shoman launched her attack publicly.  Now I do not know Mr. Theus, but if he has a contrary view… fine he is free to express it, but to never approach me or say anything to me and send such poison-mail speaks volumes about him and not me.  I have said everything public and will not be cowered into silence, however, I hold no malice against him as he acts in the flesh and not the spirit and he is forgiven.  As to his interpretation of what I said, well it speaks to his mind, not mine.  But any right thinking reader will form their own conclusion on this mail by Mr. Theus.


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