Cleave Mistacleave Cadle – Mista Cleave

Single mother, Geraldine Garbutts, gave birth in a house to Cleave Dechard Cadle Jr. in 1980, in Independant Village also known as Maingrove Creek. Growing up in Belize City, with his father living in Florida and his mother and step fathther living in Los angeles. Cleave lived with his grandmother, Erna Garbutt, who passed in 2002, his aunt G. Cadle, who passed in 1994, his three sisters, Sherrete, Tanisha, Karema and ten cousins, in a two bedroom house, all under one roof. When he turned 8 years old his mother came back to Belize to get him and bring him to Los Angeles to live with her and his stepfather, Arnesto Reyes and his younger brother Shandale. In 1992 his mother gave birth to his younger sister, Shante. Adjusting to his new life in Los Angeles, he learned what boundries not to cross or get involved with the Crips, a Los Angeles street gang in the neighborhood. He attended 68th Street Elementary school where he met his two best friends, T-B, who was killed in 2004 and Puddy. He found his favorite sport was football playing for his school and at parks.

In 1993 he attended John Muir Junior High School in Los Angeles. At the age of thirteen he joined an LA gang, along with his cousin Denzel, who was killed in 2004. His hobbies then turned into robbing people, driving stolen cars and ditching school. Soon after reaching the eight grade he realized that the gang life was not for him. He transferred to Emerson Middle School in Westwood, then went back to playing football. He participated in the USC football camp and park activities which kept him out of trouble. He worked as a DJ and sold candy after school to earn money to help his mother. He also learned how to rap by his best friend T-B. That summer going into the 9th grade they formed a Hip-Hop rapping group with 3 childhood friends calling themselves “Young Black Players”. Thats when he and T-B wrote their first song together called “Street Life”. Their first performance was at Mark Carmel Park in Los Angeles, followed by shows they performed all over the city searching for contracts.

After summer was over , Cleave attended Palisades High School in Pacific Palisade. Soon after he transferred to Washington High resuming his football career. Then Cleave transferred to Crenshaw High and played football and ran track. While still rapping he signed his first deal with Grand Jury Entertainment. He had left Crenshaw High to attend City of Angeles home study school in Gardena, California. In 1999 he graduated with the intentions of attending USC and play football on a scholarship program. He was forced to make a choice between football and music. He chose music. This is when the switch happened. He changed from a Hip-Hop rapper to a Dance Hall reggae artist wanting to be Belize’s first dance hall performer. He met his manager PK of No Limit Records, also a songwriter. Cleave was ahead of his record label and they were not catching up so he decided to leave the label. He started working with Kobe Bryant, NBA legend, doing shows at venues including The House of Blues. Staying in the entertainment business he worked as an extra in several movies and videos. Then he started working with Robert Edwards, NFL player, doing shows and tours around the country. He later became homeless living in friend’s cars, garages and motels which allowed him time to hone his music writing skills and his album productions.

His manager PK, got him a record contract with Galioutte Records. Thats where his album, “Ladies Most Wanted” was recorded. It was recorded by Barney Rubble. Then he changed his name to Mista Cleave, Mista because it would garner respect from people. Once again the record label was to slow for him so he left. He then understood that no one wanted success more for him than himself. He formed his own entertainment company called Erna-G, named after his grandmother. He put out underground records and mix tapes, DJ’ing parties, concerts and clubs building his fan base. Working tours and opening for artists like Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Kobe Bryant, Lady Saw, Assasin, J-5, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, K-Young, Super G, Wards 21, Bushman, Big Youth, George, Ken Booth, Bugsy Malone, Geurilla Black, Roscoe, The Lonies Dru Down, Kiprich. Black Chiney, Stone Jam, D Tour Poosie, Loody, Richie B, Mr. Peters, General B, Above Da Low, Usher and many more. Mista Cleave netwoked himself, getting all of the shows himself.

Mista Cleave is still working hard, being the biggest hustler including the begining of his own clothing line. He attends meeting after meeting to close deals. He as an innate ability to get on stage and make the crowd go wild. He is completely energetic and always gives the audience their money’s worth. Standing five feet seven his talent is bigger than himself. Mista Cleave without a doubt has forever changed the sounds of reggae with hits such as “Oh Doggie” which is best described as reggae meets “dirty south” and the club anthem of 2005, “Watcha Workin’ With”, a remake of the Dazz Band hit, “Let Me See You Whip It””. A huge fan of the ladies, Mista Cleave composed what is sure to be a universal hit with “Lonely”, a love song that will surely capture the hearts of every lady. His debut album, “Ladies Most Wanted”, which was produced entirely by the super production team, the Dungee Boyz, is an album by which all future dance hall albums will be judged. He performs litterally anywhere possible. With his amazing debut album, many more performances will be on the horizon.

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  1. MARLEY CHATUYE NUNEZ  July 23, 2012

    i like d way MISTA CLEAVE do his ting keep pushing G
    we play your music in hopkins

  2. Jolene  November 25, 2012

    Cool cuz!!!


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