Chicago Belize Day 2017

For the past 37 years, every 1st Sunday of August has been Belize Day in Chicago. This year, this  culture-rich event, dubbed “Belize Day in the Park” was held at the Burnham Park at 3700 Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL. By now, everyone in Chicago should be recovered from the back-to-back three-day weekend of Belizean music, food, dance and party… another Belize day in the park has come and gone in Chi-Town (Chicago) and it was CERTAINLY, as we would say in Creole back home in Belize, “lone nice vibes!” 🙂 The forecast called for rain, but not a drop fell, as the weather was simply gorgeous all day with the Chicago skyline as the backdrop for the stage (see photo below), and Lake Michigan breeze gently blowing through the trees.

For those who got impatient from waiting in the long line at the entrance – slowed by tight security checks, the Belize Day committee has already started their plans to remedy the inconvenience. Unfortunately, that’s the cost of keeping our people safe and secure. Some were also disappointed when they got in to find no alcohol allowed. But most people seemed to not even notice the absence of a cold beer and showed Belizeans can have fun and “tun up” without alcoholic beverages – next year just come intoxicated already, will ya! Just kidding :D.

Due to time constraints with securing a permit for the location as well as a permit for alcohol, the committee had to make the decision not to pursue an alcohol permit for this year’s event. Come next year August 2018, they have promised to pursue the alcohol permit for Belize Day 2018.

The Deputy Prime Ministers, Hon. Patrick Faber, was in attendance, and his message to the audience  was simple: End quarreling, divisive behavior, and to realize the importance of UNITY. His message was well received.

We hope that everyone that attended Belize Day 2017, including our native North American friends (non-Belizean), got a kick out of the “new” Belize day in the park and had fun! Enjoy these photographic memories of this longstanding tradition of culture and positive contributions to the Chicagoland area for over half a century by the Belizean community – made possible Belize Educational Fund and Day in the Park Committee.

Belize In America would like to shout out a resounding “Thank You” to the Belize Educational Fund & Day in the Park Committee, Atlantic International Bank Ltd., and Western Pines Belize for making our coverage of Belize Day 2017 possible.

In closing, the theme for this year’s September celebrations is “Belize: Confronting Challenges! Celebrating Triumphs! Renewing our Resolve!” 


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