Your question: When was Guatemala colonized?

The colonial period in Guatemalan history is customarily dated from 1524 to 1821. During that time, Guatemala was the most populous and most prosperous of the provinces that made up the kingdom, or audiencia, of Guatemala, a district that stretched from Chiapas in the west to Costa Rica in the east.

WHO country colonized Guatemala?

The Spanish conquest of Guatemala was a protracted conflict during the Spanish colonization of the Americas, in which Spanish colonisers gradually incorporated the territory that became the modern country of Guatemala into the colonial Viceroyalty of New Spain.

Who discovered Guatemala?

Enter The Spanish

In 1521, Spanish conquistadors captured the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán and began looking to expand their reign beyond the city. Two years later, in 1523, Hernán Cortés sent Pedro de Alvarado to Guatemala on a fact-finding mission—with him came 120 horsemen, 300 soldiers, and 200 Mexican warriors.

How was Guatemala before colonization from Europe?

Guatemala Before the Conquest

It was a collection of powerful city-states who warred and traded with one another, and it stretched from Southern Mexico to Belize and Honduras. The Maya were builders, astronomers, and philosophers with a rich culture.

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When was Guatemala freed of Spanish colonial rule?

The arrangement survives until the end of the colonial period (except that the capital moves to Guatemala City after Antigua is destroyed by an earthquake in 1773), and it is this larger region of Guatemala which declares independence on 15 September 1821 – just three weeks after neighbouring Mexico, under Agustín de …

Did Guatemala used to be part of Mexico?

In 1821, Mexico gained independence from Spain and administered Guatemala (and most of Central America) during the First Mexican Empire. … In 1838 the union dissolved and Guatemala became an independent nation.

Who lived in Guatemala before the Spanish?

The Olmec civilization came from Mexico and was in Guatemala from around 1,500 BC. The Mayan culture eventually took over in the region. The Preclassic Period ran from around 2,000 BC until 250 BC, and the cities of La Mirador and Tikal were founded during this time.

Why Guatemala is poor?

Many depend on farming inherited land as their sole source of income, contributing to cyclical poverty in Guatemala. As 65 percent of the land is controlled by 2.5 percent of farms, land is passed down through families and most consider farming one of their only options.

When did Spanish arrive in Guatemala?

The arrival of the Spaniards in Guatemala began in 1524 with the conquest of the Guatemalan Highlands and neighbouring Pacific plain under the command of Pedro de Alvarado. After the conquest and the colonial era, more people came to the country not as conquerors, but to do business or daily activities.

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What ancient civilization lived in Guatemala?

Mayan civilization occupied much of the northwestern part of the isthmus of Central America, from Chiapas and Yucatán, now part of southern Mexico, through Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador and into Nicaragua. Maya people still live in the same region today.

What did the Spanish do to the Mayans?

These diseases, together with typhus and yellow fever, had a major impact on Maya populations. The Old World diseases brought with the Spanish and against which the indigenous New World peoples had no resistance were a deciding factor in the conquest; they decimated populations before battles were even fought.

Who led Guatemala to independence?

A chronology of key events: 1523-24 – Spanish adventurer Pedro de Alvarado defeats the indigenous Maya and turns Guatemala into a Spanish colony. 1821 – Guatemala becomes independent and joins the Mexican empire the following year.

Were there Aztecs in Guatemala?

Their tribute empire spread throughout Mesoamerica. The Maya people lived in southern Mexico and northern Central America — a wide territory that includes the entire Yucatán Peninsula — from as early as 2600 BC.

Comparison chart.

Aztecs Mayans
Today part of Mexico Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

What year was Guatemala’s independence?

September 15, 1821
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