Your question: How do you say what’s up in Panama?

When you’re talking to a person from Panamanian and want to just say, “What’s up”, then you may use, “Qué sopá”.

How do you say hello in Panama?

Buenas. (bwen-ass) – A common greeting that is equivalent to a quick and polite “hello” in passing.

How do you say good morning in Panama?

Generally speaking, Panamanians are warm yet formal and would greet strangers with “buenas” or “buenas días/ tardes (good morning/ afternoon/ evening).” “Wapin” is more likely to be heard among surfer dudes than in professional circles.

How do you say how are you in Panama?

You can greet them with buenos dias, or como estas (how are you), either is fine. Please, learn some greetings and proper ways to ask for things, before you get here, it really will go a long ways. It is also acceptable in Panama, to shorten the good day greetings to buenas.

What does OFI mean in Panama?

Ofi, entendido – Ok, understood.

How do Panamanians greet each other?

Meeting & Greeting

In Panama, it’s traditional to greet people using ‘Buenas’. Panama is a very friendly place and people greet each other in passing even if they don’t know each other. In more formal settings, the form ‘Buenas Dias’ (Good Day) or ‘Buenas Tardes’ (Good Evening) should be used instead.

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What should you not wear in Panama?

Panama City is cosmopolitan and people tend to dress casually but smartly – think fitted clothing and smart shoes. If you don’t want to scream ‘tourist’ then avoid wearing shorts around the city, no matter how hot it gets. The key is neat and sleek, and neutral colors are best.

What is que XOPA?

“Que Xopa” is the Panamanian slang for “wassup”. It is a special greeting word derived from the reversal of “pasó”, from ¿qué pasó? meaning “what’s up?”, literally “what happened?”.

What food is Panama famous for?

The best Panama foods you simply have to try

  1. Guacho. Begin your culinary exploration of Panama with a hearty bowl of Guacho (pronounced Wah-cho.) …
  2. Carimañola. …
  3. Sancocho. …
  4. Ceviche. …
  5. Ropa Vieja. …
  6. Tamal de olla. …
  7. Arroz con pollo. …
  8. Patacones.