You asked: What place does Costa Rica rank of amongst the banana exporters in the world?

What country is top exporter of bananas?

Ecuador is the largest exporter of bananas in the world and its share of world banana trade is on the increase. Exports expanded from one million tonnes in 1985 to 3.6 million tonnes in 2000.

Is Costa Rica a major exporter of bananas?

Costa Rica positioned itself in 2020 as the main exporter of fresh or dried bananas in Central America, with exports worth $ 1.083 billion.

How many bananas does Costa Rica export?

Production and export of Costa Rica bananas are dominated by Chiquita, Del Monte and Dole, and national company Grupo Acon. The industry employs directly more than 40,000 people.

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Population 4.81 million
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Who is the largest supplier of bananas?

Searchable List of Bananas Exporting Countries

Rank Exporter Exported Bananas (US$)
1. Ecuador $4,221,010,000
2. Philippines $1,608,278,000
3. Costa Rica $1,082,970,000
4. Colombia $990,338,000

Where is the best banana in the world?

Bananas grow best in hot, humid climates and are most often imported from Central America, including Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ecuador.

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Where do Philippines export bananas?

The main destination of Bananas exports from Philippines are: Japan ($764M), China ($623M), South Korea ($225M), Saudi Arabia ($71.6M), and Iran ($58.5M). The fastest growing export markets for Bananas of Philippines between 2018 and 2019 were China ($62M), Japan ($33.6M), and Saudi Arabia ($26.2M).

Where are bananas exported?

Production and export

Country Bananas Total
China 13.1 13.1
Philippines 5.8 8.9
Ecuador 6.5 7.1
Indonesia 7.0 7.0

Where do bananas grow in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica banana plantations can still be found in the Sixaola River area, as well as around Santa Clara and in the Estrella valley. The Matina valley region is also a prime banana growing location. A significant portion of Costa Rica’s banana growth occurs on the Caribbean side of the country.

Where are bananas imported from?

Main Suppliers of Fresh Bananas. The main suppliers of bananas to the US market are Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Honduras. In 2010, these five countries shipped an estimated 3.9 mmt of fresh bananas to the United States, accounting for 94 percent of total US banana imports (Table 1; Figure 7).

What are the main exports of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica´s main exports are electronic components (18 percent of total exports), medical equipment (7.3 percent), pineapples (7 percent) and bananas (6 percent). Costa Rica´s main export partner is the United States (37 percent of total exports).

Which countries import bananas?

Import Trends of Top 10 Importers of Fresh Banana

Country Import %
1 Global
2 United States 19.8%
3 Germany 7.93%
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Which nation is the 7th largest producer of bananas?


Guatemala is the 7th biggest banana producer. In 2019, its national production reached 4.341. 564 tons.

Which is the largest banana in the world?

The largest species of banana plant is the giant highland banana (Musa ingens) native to the tropical montane forests of New Guinea. Its main “trunk” regularly reaches heights of 15 metres (49 feet) and its unfurled leaves as high as 20 metres (66 feet) off the ground.