You asked: What is the literacy rate in Guatemala 2019?

According to UNESCO, in Guatemala only 74.5% of the population age 15 and over is literate, the lowest literacy rate in Central America.

How many people are illiterate in Guatemala?

Illiterate Population

Illiterate population
15-24 years 196,168 (2018)
15 years and older 2,161,778 (2018)

What country has the highest literacy rate 2019?

Bangladesh is the top country by adult literacy rate in the world. As of 2019, adult literacy rate in Bangladesh was 74.7 %.

What is the literacy rate in 2020?

International Literacy Day 2020: The literacy rate of India is 77.7% while Kerala has emerged as the most literate state in the country, followed by Delhi while Andhra Pradesh has recorded the lowest literacy rate.

Which country has the highest literacy rate 2020?

Finland is the world’s most literate nation, according to new research, with the UK coming in 17th, behind countries including the US, Canada and Australia.

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What is the poverty rate in Guatemala?

Poverty increased slightly from 45.6 percent of the population to 47 percent in 2020. It is estimated that without social protection programs poverty would have increased three to four times more in Guatemala. Poverty is projected to decrease to 45.9 percent in 2021.

What is the literacy rate in Guatemala 2021?

Guatemala Literacy Rate 1994-2021

Similar Country Ranking
Country Name Literacy Rate
Iran 84.71%
Iraq 82.20%
Guatemala 81.29%

Which country of the world has 100% literacy rate?

All these are mainly attributed to Finland’s high rate of the literate population. This Nordic nation is well-known for providing free education to its masses and many of the Asians and natives obtain their higher education from Finland.

What country has a 100 literacy rate?

Isolated from the world, North Korea has topped the list for the highest literacy rate of 100%. With a growth rate of 0.46%, the country has developed over the years to boost the literacy rate.

Which country has lowest literacy?

Lowest Literacy Rates

1. South Sudan 27.0%
2. Afghanistan 28.1
3. Niger 28.7
4. Burkina Faso 28.7
5. Mali 33.4

What percentage of the world Cannot read 2020?

While only 12% of the people in the world could read and write in 1820, today the share has reversed: only 14% of the world population, in 2016, remained illiterate. Over the last 65 years the global literacy rate increased by 4% every 5 years – from 42% in 1960 to 86% in 2015.

What is the USA literacy rate?

A 2019 report by the National Center for Education Statistics determined that mid to high literacy in the United States is 79% with 21% of American adults categorized as having “low level English literacy,” including 4.1% classified as “functionally illiterate” and an additional 4% that could not participate.

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What is China’s literacy rate?

In China, the literacy rate has developed from 79 percent in 1982 to 97 percent in 2010, indicating that almost one million people per year had become literate over three decades.

What country has the highest literacy rate 2021?

Literacy Rate by Country 2021

Country Latest Rate 2021 Population
Luxembourg 100.00% 634,814
Norway 100.00% 5,465,630
Finland 100.00% 5,548,360
Uzbekistan 100.00% 33,935,763

Is America 7th in literacy?

A new world ranking of countries and their literacy rates puts the United States at 7th. … Miller, president of Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Conn., analyzes trends in literate behavior and literacy in more than 60 countries.

Which country is most educated?

The 12 Most Educated Countries in the World

  1. South Korea (69.8 percent)
  2. Canada (63 percent) …
  3. Russia (62.1 percent) …
  4. Japan (61.5 percent) …
  5. Ireland (55.4 percent) …
  6. Lithuania (55.2 percent) …
  7. Luxembourg (55 percent) …
  8. Switzerland (52.7 percent) …