What is the name of the #1 shopping destination in Guatemala?

What is the biggest mall in Guatemala?

This is probably the top shopping center in Ciudad de Guatemala! “Oakland Mall” is located at the heart of chic Zona 10 and offers a wide variety of shops and eateries.

Does Guatemala have stores?

The Shopping Scene

There are two main markets in Guatemala City, the Mercado Central, or Central Market, in Zona 1, and Mercado de Artesanías (Artisans’ Market), in Zona 13. Both are massive and stocked with a wide range of arts, crafts, textiles, and souvenirs available throughout the country.

Does Guatemala have a mall?

We will continue to one of the most exclusive malls in the city: Oakland Mall. … In the afternoon you will be transported to Paseo Cayalá to continue your day of shopping.

What kind of stores are in Guatemala?

Shopping in Guatemala City

  • Shopping Malls.
  • Gift & Specialty Shops.
  • Art Galleries.
  • Flea & Street Markets.
  • Shopping Tours.
  • Antique Stores.
  • Farmers Markets.

What are Guatemalan markets like?

Guatemalan markets are famous throughout the region.

  • It’s how the majority of people do their daily shopping. …
  • Whatever type of market, they share one thing in common. …
  • These range from food, traditional textiles, and handicrafts, to local crops, to bootleg DVDs.
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What is the typical food in Guatemala?

Food items such as pork, rice, beef, cheese, chilies, corn, tortillas, and beans are the primary ingredients of traditional Guatemalan cuisine. Certain Guatemalan foods are commonly eaten on specific days of the week. For instance, patches (Tamales) are typically consumed on Thursdays.

What city is 90 miles away from Chichicastenango?

Chichicastenango is on a highway 90 miles (145 km) northwest of Guatemala City. Pop.

What is the main currency of Guatemala?

The Guatemalan quetzal (GTQ) is the official currency of Guatremala, first appearing in 1924. The quetzal is a free floating currency, but was once pegged to the U.S. dollar and before that adhered to the gold standard. Guatemala is the largest economy in Central America, and tenth-largest in Latin America.