What is the climate and geography of Honduras?

The climate is tropical with cooler, more temperate weather in the mountains with temperatures ranging from 16°C (61°F) to 20°C (68°F). The north coast is very hot with rain throughout the year, and though the offshore breezes temper the climate, the sun is very strong.

What type of geography is in Honduras?

Honduras has four distinct regions: the central highlands, Pacific lowlands, eastern Caribbean lowlands, and northern coastal plains and mountains. Mountains are plentiful in Honduras, with peaks as high as 9,347 feet (2,849 meters), though Honduras is the only country in Central America without volcanoes.

What type of climate is Honduras?

The climate in Honduras is hot and tropical in the coastal lowlands with annual temperatures averaging 26°– 29°C; it becomes more temperate in the highlands where annual temperatures average 16°– 24°C. … Average annual temperature has increased by 0.6°C per decade since 1960, with greatest warming in the dry season.

What are the three climate types found in Honduras?

Honduras is a country in tropical Central America with three main climates: the hot and humid Caribbean coast, the central highlands which have milder temperatures due to the altitude, and the small Pacific coastal section, which is hot and dry.

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How many seasons does Honduras have?

Honduras – Climate

There are two seasons: a rainy period, from May through October, and a dry season, from November through April.

Does Honduras have a highland climate?

The Pacific lowlands have a tropical wet and dry climate with high temperatures but a distinct dry season from November through April. The interior highlands also have a distinct dry season, but, as is characteristic of a tropical highland climate, temperatures in this region decrease as elevation increases.

Is there a desert in Honduras?

No true desert climate exists in Honduras, a country in the tropical Central American isthmus. Yet, after Hurricane Mitch caused massive flooding and scoured the earth in 1998, an artificial “desert” was created in the pastures and fields along the Choluteca River on the country’s dry, Pacific coastal plains.

Is Honduras cold or hot?

The entire country is hot most of the time. Average high temperatures range from about 82 degrees Fahrenheit in December and January to nearly 87 degrees in August.

How does climate change affect Honduras?

The frequency of natural disasters in Honduras, such as floods, mudslides, tropical storms and hurricanes, is expected to increase as climate change intensifies. … Over 40 percent of Hondurans work in the agricultural sector, which is impacted by increasing temperatures and reduced rainfall.

What is the Weather like in Honduras in August?

August Weather in Tegucigalpa Honduras. Daily high temperatures are around 83°F, rarely falling below 78°F or exceeding 87°F. Daily low temperatures are around 65°F, rarely falling below 62°F or exceeding 68°F.

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What is the weather like in Honduras in January?

January Weather in Tegucigalpa Honduras. Daily high temperatures increase by 2°F, from 77°F to 80°F, rarely falling below 71°F or exceeding 85°F. Daily low temperatures are around 59°F, rarely falling below 53°F or exceeding 64°F. The lowest daily average low temperature is 59°F on January 21.

What is summer like in Honduras?

Summer in Honduras

Daytime temperatures are + 23-26 °C (73-79 °F). The coast is 3-4 °C/°F warmer. Here rains go from 8 to 14 days a month. Humidity becomes disastrous – 80%!

Does it always rain in Honduras?

In most of Honduras, the climate is tropical, with a dry season in winter and a rainy season in summer, while in the north, there is an area having an equatorial climate, ie rainy throughout the year.

What Honduras famous for?

Honduras is known for its rich natural resources, including minerals, coffee, tropical fruit, and sugar cane, as well as for its growing textiles industry, which serves the international market.

How long is summer in Honduras?

There are Only Two Weather Seasons in Honduras: Verano and Invierno. As far as the locals go, there are only two seasons in Honduras. Verano, or summer is actually the dry season, and is roughly from December through May. Invierno, or winter, which is the rainy season, that is basically from June through November.