What is the average income in El Salvador?

What is a good salary in El Salvador?

Salary rankings by profession

Job type Median salary (USD) Salary ranking compared to all cities
Physician $18,794 227/265
C Level Executive $15,759 251/265
Dentist $14,336 242/265
Data Scientist $12,448 247/265

How much do you make a day in El Salvador?

With this increase, the minimum wage in El Salvador for commerce, industrial, and service workers will be $1.50 an hour, $12.00 per day, $365.00 per month. El Salvador’s minimum wage or legal minimum wage for formal businesses is divided into four sectors; two for the city and two for the countryside or rural areas.

Is El Salvador a poor or rich country?

El Salvador is the fifth-poorest country in North America with a per capita GDP of $4,131. El Salvador has a small elite population that became wealthy through the country’s coffee and sugar production. On the other hand, about 40% of the population falls below the poverty line.

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What is the monthly wage in El Salvador?

El Salvador Compensation Laws

El Salvador does not have a national minimum wage, but it does have minimum wages that change depending on an employee’s industry, including: $304.17 a month for retail employees. $304.17 a month for industrial laborers.

What is El Salvador Minimum Wage?

El Salvador’s minimum wage rate is US$242.40 a month for retail employees; US$237.00 for industrial laborers; US$202.80 for apparel assembly workers; and US$113.70 for agriculture industry workers.

What is the hourly wage in El Salvador?

Minimum Wage in El Salvador

Industry Minimum Monthly Wage Minimum Hourly Wage
Commerce, services, industry, sugar mills and other agribusiness activities, as well as for home-based workers who work in these industries $365 $1.50
Textile and clothing facilities, home workers who work in these industries $359.16 $1.48

How much does a teacher in El Salvador make?

Salaries for import teachers are an average of USD $1115 each month. Teachers hired in El Salvador are paid according to a salary schedule which takes into consideration training, degrees, language proficiency, certification, etc. Housing and transportation are usually not included.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in El Salvador?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 569$ without rent. Cost of living in El Salvador is, on average, 37.22% lower than in United States. Rent in El Salvador is, on average, 69.02% lower than in United States.

Cost of Living in El Salvador.

Restaurants Edit
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 62.83$

What is the most common job in El Salvador?

The main sectors of industry in the country are agriculture and manufacturing. With 1.3 million acres of arable farmland, coffee, corn, rice and grains are regularly grown in El Salvador. This produce generates a large amount of income for the country, and the coffee industry alone creates 82,000 jobs.

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Is El Salvador richer than Mexico?

El Salvador has a GDP per capita of $8,000 as of 2017, while in Mexico, the GDP per capita is $19,900 as of 2017.

What is the biggest industry in El Salvador?

El Salvador: Economy

Economic Trivia El Salvador has the third largest economy in Central America.
Top Industries Food Processing; Beverages; Petroleum; Chemicals

Is El Salvador a 3rd world country?

The “Second World” countries were the Communist Bloc countries, including the Soviet Union, China, and their allies.

Third World Countries 2021.

Country Human Development Index 2021 Population
Nicaragua 0.658 6,702,385
Morocco 0.667 37,344,795
Kyrgyzstan 0.672 6,628,356
El Salvador 0.674 6,518,499

What is the average height of a man in El Salvador?


Per 1,000 people 1.65 per 1,000 people 1996
Average female height 1.603 m (5 ft 3 in) 2007
Average male height 1.656 m (5 ft 5 in) 2007
Men 68 years 2013

What is the poverty rate in El Salvador?

El Salvador’s poverty rate is 26.2 percent.

El Salvador’s poverty rate of 26.2% is based on the percentage of the Salvadoran population living on less than $5.50 a day, the international poverty standard.