What is a commonly celebrated holiday in Costa Rica?

Easter week is by far the most important and celebrated holiday in Costa Rica. It is the perfect opportunity to see colorful religious processions.

What holidays do people celebrate in Costa Rica?

Official Costa Rica Holidays:

  • January 1st: New Year’s Day.
  • March/April: Easter Week.
  • April 11: Juan Santamaria Day.
  • May 1st: Labor Day.
  • July 25: Annexation of Guanacaste Day.
  • Aug 2: Patron Saint Day.
  • Aug. 15: Mother’s Day.
  • Sept. 15: Independence Day.

What are the most important celebrations in Costa Rica?

Most Important Festivals and Cultural Celebrations in Costa Rica

  • Virgin of The Sea Day (Fiesta del Virgen del Mar) …
  • Guanacaste Day (Día de la anexación de Guanacaste a Costa Rica) …
  • Virgin of Los Angeles Day (Dia de la Virgen de los Angeles) …
  • Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) …
  • Festival of Lights (Festival de la Luz)

How many holidays does Costa Rica have?

According to Costa Rica’s Labor Code, employees are entitled to eight paid holidays per year. Employees may be entitled to paid days off for additional holidays and national or religious observances including Columbus Day, All Souls’ Day, Feast of the Immaculate Conception and New Year’s Eve.

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What is Fiestas de Santa Cruz?

Fiesta Santa Cruz—The fiesta in Santa Cruz on the Nicoya peninsula takes place the second week in January and has a western flair with bullfights and a parade followed by a party with food, concerts and fireworks.

What are the main traditions in Costa Rica?

In fact, many current day traditions in Costa Rica mainly come from the Catholic religion. Many of the major traditions related to religion include: Holy Week, Christmas, August 2nd, baptisms, first communions, confirmation, engagement parties, weddings and funerals.

How does Costa Rica celebrate Christmas?

In December and January, Costa Ricans celebrate Christmas with a whole fair of fiestas, parades, rodeos, bull runs, street parties and dance festivals. Festivities kick off with the vibrant, loud and dazzling Festival de la Luz in San Jose on the second week of December.

Is carnival celebrated in Costa Rica?

Although in Costa Rica the carnival is celebrated in several towns, there are two carnival festivals in the Central American country that stand out above the others; the carnivals of Puntarenas and Limon are internationally famous.

Is Thanksgiving a holiday in Costa Rica?

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated American holidays in Costa Rica; every year, thousands of expats gather to give thanks and dine on foods that commemorate the autumn harvest. … All your favorite Thanksgiving foods are available at local supermarkets.

How does Costa Rica celebrate Independence Day?

Costa Rica celebrates its independence day on September 15. The national holiday is marked by patriotic parades, the hoisting of the flag and performances by local students. Community parades are a must-see event.

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What is Costa Rica known for?

Costa Rica is known for its incredible national parks, where tourists can enjoy some thrilling activities like river rafting, canyoning, cave tubing, and zip lining. It’s also one of the best places for animal lovers to discover some interesting wildlife like macaws, sea turtles, and adorable sloths.

What sports are played in Costa Rica?

It is one of the country’s most important religious holidays. Many residents have the entire week off from work, schools, banks and stores are closed, and Thursday and Friday are government mandated holidays so that families may spend time together.

Why is the Palmares festival celebrated?

People from all over the nation take off work to visit Palmares to celebrate to the rhythm of the local Costa Rican music and the performances of the different troupes (better know as “comparsas” in Costa Rica).

Why is Fiesta de Las Cruces celebrated?

Why is the Día de la Cruz celebrated? … The Fiesta de las Cruces, also known as Cruz de Mayo, celebrates the discovery of the True Cross by Emperor Constantine I’s mother, Saint Helen, during her pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 326.

Where is Las Cruces de Mayo celebrated?

The Festival of the May Crosses (Cruces de Mayo) is celebrated throughout Andalucia though it is in Cordoba and Granada where the most impressive displays are on show. If you have to choose one then go to Cordoba.