What goods are imported into Belize?

The country’s main exports are seafood, sugar, citrus products, bananas, and clothing, and its chief imports include machinery and transport equipment, food, fuels and lubricants, and chemicals. Since the 1990s, Belize has had a substantial trade deficit in goods.

Which country does Belize import most goods from?

Belize’s Top Import Partners:

2017 2018
UNITED STATES $ 655,829,444 42.19%
CHINA $ 205,339,505 11.86%
MEXICO $ 203,771,383 10.74%
GUATEMALA $ 126,852,387 7.55%

What does Belize need to import?

Importers must be aware that some goods require an import permit issued by the Ministry of Culture in Belize. Such goods include live animals, foodstuffs, plant materials, and veterinary supplies. Note that the import process ends when the dealer pays the taxes required by the port.

What is Belize biggest export?

The main exports were sugar and molasses (30%), bananas (18.5%), citrus (15.7%), marine products (10.7%), and crude petroleum (6.3%). As a consumer country that relies heavily on imports, Belize’s trade imbalance continues to grow. Belize’s gross imports for 2018 totaled $957.7 million, up from 2017’s $913.2 million.

What natural resources does Belize have?

Belize is a country with many natural resources. A few of the natural resources of Belize are: arable land potential, timber, fish, sugar, (which is the main resource), bananas, citrus, cocoa, tropical hardwood, shrimp, and beef. A small manufacturing sector also exists in Belize.

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What food is Belize known for?

The 9 Most Popular Foods in Belize for Adventure Travelers

  • Rice and Beans. A Caribbean classic, rice and beans is enjoyed by Belizeans from all walks of life. …
  • Stew(ed) Chicken. …
  • Chimole. …
  • Salbutes. …
  • Tamales. …
  • Ceviche. …
  • Conchita Pibil. …
  • Garnache.

What do Belize export?

Economy of Belize

Exports $633 million (2013 est.)
Export goods Sugar, bananas, citrus, clothing, fish products, molasses, wood, crude oil
Main export partners United Kingdom 30.8% United States 18.7% Nigeria 6.7% Trinidad and Tobago 4.8% Jamaica 4.2% Bahamas 4.2% (2015)

Where does Belize import from?

Belize imports from United States worth US$ 436 million, with a partner share of 44.20 percent. Belize imports from China worth US$ 134 million, with a partner share of 13.60 percent. Belize imports from Mexico worth US$ 108 million, with a partner share of 10.90 percent.

Where does Belize export bananas?

Exports bananas to the UK , purchased by Fyffes PLC. Ensure marketing and accounts management with buyers exclusively to Fyffes PLC. Recommends quality production standards and gives agronomic advice to farmers.

Which countries do import business with Belize?

Belize trade balance, exports and imports by country

In 2016, Belize major trading partner countries for exports were United States, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Netherlands and Ireland and for imports they were United States, China, Mexico, Curaçao and Guatemala.

What is the main source of income in Belize?

Agriculture is the # 1 industry in Belize, contributing 20% of GDP and employing about 25% of the labor force. The main crops are sugar cane, bananas, citrus and corn. Tourism is the # 2 industry, representing about 17% of GDP.

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How do people make money in Belize?

Tourism is the Number One Foreign Exchange Earner for the Belize Economy. the country where Spanish and English are both spoken. English remains the country’s dominant language, especially since tourism has become the fastest growing source of income for Belize.

What products are made in Belize?

To help you find that perfect memory or keepsake from your trip, here is our list of top 11 things to buy in Belize.

  • Belizean Chocolate. There is lots of cacao grown in Belize — in fact, the country is known for it. …
  • Mayan Basket. …
  • Rum. …
  • Hot Sauce. …
  • Locally Grown Coffee. …
  • Conch Jewelry. …
  • Wooden Kitchenware. …
  • Wood or Slate Carvings.