What alcohol is made in Belize?

Rum is the spirit of choice here. The country’s oldest distillery is Travellers Liquors in Belize City, which has been producing rich, dark, fruity Travellers One Barrel since the 1950s.

What liquor is Belize known for?

Belizeans have a fondness for spirits, especially rum. Rum is popular in the Caribbean because its main ingredient, sugar cane, grows well in coastal regions. You can’t go wrong with a cocktail made from rum and fresh fruit juice.

Does Belize make rum?

Perhaps one of the most popular and iconic locally-made alcoholic drinks in Belize is rum. Belizean rum is something that every visitor is encouraged to try (of course once you are over 18 years old); and we recommend Belize’s most iconic distillery, Traveller’s Liquors Ltd.

Is alcohol cheap in Belize?

drinking in Belize can be expensive. Enjoying a beer at a local bar starts at $5BZD (or $2.50 USD), local rum is generally priced about the same and it goes up, way up, for imported liquors. Vodka or tequila drinks generally start at $12bzd. A glass of (often Chilean) wine starts at $15bzd.

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How much does a bottle of rum cost in Belize?

You can buy Duty Free when you arrive at the airport in Belize and the prices are very good. A bottle of rum is around $13 in the normal shops, if you want a nightcap in your room, and it is good.

What is the drinking age in Belize?

Minimum Legal Age Limits

Country/ Territory On-premise sale Consumption
Belize 18 [none]
Benin 20 [none]
Bermuda 18 [none]
Bhutan 18 [none]

Where is rum made in Belize?

Located in Belmopan, the capital of Belize, Travellers uses only local molasses to ferment and then distill their rum using a triple column still. The rum is then carefully aged and bottled in Belize City.

What rum do they drink in Belize?

Caribbean Gold Rum

Everyone seems to have their favourite, ranging from fruit juices to fizzy sodas. We have found that a popular way to appreciate the flavour of this rum is with cranberry juice and a dash of Sprite. It makes for a simply delicious drink!

What is in Appleton rum?

Appleton rum starts with sugar cane. In Jamaica, rum is made with molasses, the thick, sticky liquid left over once the sugar-cane juice has been boiled and the sugar crystals removed.

Is rum from the Caribbean?

Where is rum made? Rum is made throughout the Caribbean and this region is assuredly rum’s home base. However, other sugarcane producing countries, like India and the Philippines, also make rum.

What beer do they drink in Belize?

Belize City-based Belikin Beer is the country’s only domestic brewery and bears Altun Ha’s Temple of the Masonry Altars on its logo. Even the brand name, Belikin is derived from the Maya name for the Belize River which serves as the brewery’s water supply.

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What can you not eat in Belize?

Let us tell you what NOT to eat while in Belize!

  • A STEAK. …
  • PROTECTED WILDLIFE & OUT OF SEASON SEAFOOD & GAME MEAT: 40 years ago sea turtle steak was common fare in restaurants along the Belizean coast.

Can you take cigarettes to Belize?

Travelers into Belize from non-European Union countries can bring certain items duty-free with limitations. These travelers can bring in 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 250g of tobacco, and 50 cigars. … Items that are restricted from entry into Belize are meat and its products, processed food items, and live animals.

Is wine expensive in Belize?

Why SO Expensive & An Exciting New BELIZEAN Wine to Taste. And yes, it is pricier because it is shipped to Belize but there is also a decent sized duty levied on the cases – a heavy revenue replacement duty to protect local winemakers. …

Can I bring liquor to Belize?

You can bring in up to 1-liter total (of wine/hard liquor – not one of each) duty free. If you do bring in more than that you will just pay duty on it. Besides the rum is cheap here and goes well with Belizean food.

What can you bring back from Belize?

Top 10 unqiue souvenirs to buy in Belize

  • Mayan basket. My favourite souvenir is a Belizean Mayan basket. …
  • Local Carvings. Mayan slate carvings – photo via TripAdvisor. …
  • Rum. One Barrel Rum – photo by AmbergrisToday. …
  • Beer. …
  • Belizean Hot Sauce. …
  • Hammock. …
  • Wood Tableware and Kitchen Utensils. …
  • Local Music.
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