Question: Is American Express accepted in El Salvador?

Primary credit and charge cards used in El Salvador are, in priority order, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. According to legislation, the maximum interest rate for credit cards and loans is 1.6 times the simple average effective rate established by the Central Bank.

What credit card I can use in El Salvador?

Those that accept credit cards usually take American Express, Diners Club, Visa, and MasterCard. You can just about forget about traveler’s checks. Almost no one outside of large San Salvador hotels accepts these anymore.

Is $30 a lot in El Salvador?

If you’re backpacking El Salvador, you’ll spend as little as $30-35 USD per day.

How much cash can you take to El Salvador?

Currency restrictions

There are no restrictions on the import or export of local or foreign currency. However, amounts exceeding US$10,000 or equivalent must be declared upon arrival.

Can you use cash in El Salvador?

The Government of El Salvador has announced that the country is operating two official currencies: the US dollar and Bitcoin. Bitcoin became legal tender in September 2021, but may not yet be accepted everywhere. US$50 and US$100 notes are generally not accepted in many smaller restaurants, bars and shops. …

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Is MasterCard accepted in El Salvador?

You’ll find Visa and MasterCard are equally accepted by ATMs in El Salvador.

What banks are in El Salvador?

Banks in El Salvador

  • Agricola bank.
  • Azteca bank.
  • Bandesal bank.
  • BICSA bank.
  • Central de Reserve bank.
  • Citi bank.
  • Daviviende bank.
  • Scotiabank.

Can a US citizen move to El Salvador?

For a U.S. citizen to enter El Salvador by air, land or sea, you must present a current U.S. passport and either a Salvadoran visa or a one-entry tourist card which can be valid for a maximum stay of 90 days.

Can a US citizen work in El Salvador?

Applying for a working visa in El Salvador requires a passport that’s valid for at least six more months, proof of a yellow fever vaccine, and evidence of sufficient funds for the duration of the stay. Your employees may also need a letter from your business that invites them to work in the country.

What is a dollar worth in El Salvador?

Convert US Dollar to Salvadoran Colon

1 USD 8.75 SVC
5 USD 43.75 SVC
10 USD 87.5 SVC
25 USD 218.75 SVC

What can you not bring into El Salvador?

Visitors to El Salvador can bring in no more than 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 2L (2 qt.) of alcohol, and gifts worth up to $500. Like in most countries, there are heavy restrictions on the import and export of plants, animals, vegetables, and fruit.

Do I have to quarantine if I go to El Salvador?

Quarantine Information

The Salvadoran Ministry of Health can place municipalities under special quarantine with little or no prior notice when a high number of COVID-19 cases is detected. Such quarantines can require a change or abandonment of travel plans.

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Does Salvador use Bitcoin?

EL ZONTE, El Salvador — A growing number of Salvadorans have experimented with bitcoin since the country became the first to adopt it as legal tender last month, with a couple of million dollars sent daily by migrants using the cryptocurrency.

Does El Salvador still use Colon?

The Salvadoran Colon is the currency of El Salvador. … Notice: As of 2001, the Law of Monetary Integration allows the circulation of the US dollar (USD) in Salvador with a fixed exchange rate of 8.75 colones. The colon is still legal tender, however it is no longer in circulation and is rarely used.