Is there whale watching in Belize?

The Whale Shark Season in Belize normally begins about 2 days before the full moon up until 10 days after in the months of March, April, May, and June. However, traditionally April and May have been the best months to come and see them.

Can you see whale sharks in Belize?

Whale shark season is a popular attraction for divers in Belize. These gentle giants can be found in Gladden Split, just off the coast of Placencia in the springtime, with the best chances of being able to dive with them in April and May.

When can you see whale sharks in Belize?

The whale shark season in Belize normally begins two days before the full moon and lasts until 10 days after in March, April, May and June. Whale shark tours are only offered out of Placencia, but please contact us for assistance booking travel arrangements from other locations.

What kind of whales are in Belize?

Cetaceans in Belize

Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are the most common type of cetacean in Belize, followed by the spinner dolphins. Whales are most commonly observed between Turneffe and Lighthouse Atolls while enroute to dive Lighthouse Atoll by dive boat operators.

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Are there sharks in Belize?

Sharks. Species of sharks present along Belize’s coastline include docile nurse sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, bull sharks, black tip sharks, lemon sharks, hammerheads, scalloped hammerheads (though rare), and the impressive, migratory whale sharks.

Can you swim with whales in Belize?

Of the handful of countries in the world, you can swim with Whale Sharks, Belize is one of them! Whale Sharks have a preference for warm water, and why they gravitate to Belize.

How much does it cost to swim with sharks in Belize?

Essential Info: The one-day snorkeling trip from Raggamuffin Tours visits three sites: Coral Gardens, Shark Ray Alley, and Hol Chan. Lunch is included. The tour lasts all day and costs $70 USD.

Can you swim with sharks in Belize?

Swimming with sharks is just one of the amazing adventures you can have while visiting Belize, so don’t let your fears get the best of you. Jump on in, the water is fine, and so are the Nurse sharks.

Where can you see sharks in Belize?

Southern Belize and the area of the reef near Placencia is an ideal place to see sharks. Underwater formations such as estuaries, the roots of mangrove forests, upwelling currents, fore reefs, and deep walls are all excellent places to have a safe and exciting encounter with sharks.

Can you be swallowed by a whale shark?

And suddenly you might worry that that could actually happen to you. Could a whale shark swallow you by accident? The quick answer is no.

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