In what part of Guatemala is the capital located?

Where is the capital located in Guatemala?

The capital of Spanish colonial Central America was moved there on January 2, 1776, after several earthquakes destroyed the old capital, Antigua Guatemala, in 1773-1774. This region was not as rich in gold and silver as Mexico or Peru, and was therefore not considered as important.

What is the old capital of Guatemala?

Antigua, the capital of the Captaincy-General of Guatemala, was founded in the early 16th century. Built 1,500 m above sea-level, in an earthquake-prone region, it was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1773 but its principal monuments are still preserved as ruins.

Does Guatemala have a capital?

Guatemala City, Spanish Guatemala or in full Ciudad de Guatemala, capital of Guatemala, the largest city in Central America, and the political, social, cultural, and economic centre of Guatemala.

What is the area of Guatemala?

42,042 mi²
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