How much does it cost to live in Roatan Honduras?

The cost of living on Roatan, for most expats, ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 a month. But we spoke with an expat couple, who live outside of French Harbour in the home they own, who spend less than $1,200 a month. Long-term monthly rents start at $600 a month.

How much money do you need to retire in Honduras?

A rentista must demonstrate a guaranteed income of at least $2,500 per month from a source outside Honduras. A pensionado is a retiree who can guarantee income from a pension, public or private, of at least $1,500 per month.

Why is Roatan so cheap?

The reality is that Roatan is an island, and almost everything consumed here is imported. Our food, products and supplies had to undergo a much longer journey to make it to our happy island, and therefore that drives up the price of just about everything.

Can I move to Roatan?

You will need to apply for residency in Roatan to make a permanent move to the island. The good news is that it is a fairly simple process. There are a few different ways to apply, depending on whether you are a retiree, an investor or if you have family links to Honduras.

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Is Roatan Honduras safe to live?

Roatan is a safe island. Crime can be easily avoided by taking basic safety precautions.

Can a US citizen move to Honduras?

Property ownership laws in Honduras are moderate for foreign nationals. You may personally own up to three-quarters of an acre in Honduras as a foreigner without residence. … As a foreign national who has moved to Honduras, you will enjoy the same rights of ownership as any Honduran citizen.

How long can a US citizen stay in Honduras?

US Citizens

American citizens do not need a visa to enter Honduras as tourists for up to 90 days.

Can foreigners own property in Roatan?

Foreigners can directly buy property in Roatan, and prices are generally lower than places in Mexico, or elsewhere in the Caribbean. … In Honduras, foreigners can purchase up to 3,000 square meters (approximately 0.72 acres) of land within 40 kilometres of the country’s borders or coastlines.

Does Roatan have hurricanes?

Roatan is situated outside of the Hurricane Zone. The island of Roatan is too far west to be affected by most annual hurricanes. In fact, hurricanes only come across Roatan once every 26 years. So feel free to plan ahead and travel to Roatan even if you’re considering traveling to Roatan during hurricane season.

Is there much crime in Roatan?

There are certainly crimes committed on Roatan and those crimes are on par with other booming tourist destinations across the globe. Crimes against property are the most common with petty theft being the leader. … Small cameras, jewelry, and expensive cell phones are things most often reported as stolen.

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Can a US citizen work in Roatan?

Working in Roatan, Honduras

That being said, on Roatan there are many foreign workers who do not have residency. They can – at any time – be deported. In practice and in reality, foreign workers are allowed and are needed to maintain the tourism industry on the island.

Can US citizens live in Roatan Honduras?

Roatan has become a very popular spot for both expats and tourists coming from North America. Canadians and Americans especially love the convenience of reaching this Caribbean island directly. There are many Americans in Roatan who live here part-time or full-time.

How do I become a resident of Roatan?

Entrepreneurs looking to become Honduran residents must first incorporate a business in Honduras and then use that business to obtain their residency. Key-Employees can apply for their residency through their employer and but show proof of their unique professional qualifications.

Does Roatan have good healthcare?

If you are visiting Roatan or moving to Roatan, you can rest assured that medical care is available. With the addition of the new Hospital Cemesa in French Harbour, residents and visitors alike have excellent access to medical services from all points on Roatan.

Why are there bars on windows in Roatan?

There is a high rate of break and enters on Roatan – when looking for accommodation, safety (ie. bars on windows, doors that can’t be kicked in, lighted areas, security) should be the #1 priority over price.

How much does it cost to build a house in Roatan?

On the average, building cost to build in Roatan is approximately $100 – $150 per square foot for wooden structures. Cement structures range from $150 – $200 per square foot. Outdoor decks and living spaces can amount to 40% of the cost spent on interior spaces.

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