How many people go to school in El Salvador?

The system is structured so that the primary school cycle lasts 6 years, lower secondary lasts 3 years, and upper secondary lasts 3 years. El Salvador has a total of 1,214,000 pupils enrolled in primary and secondary education. Of these pupils, about 678,000 (56%) are enrolled in primary education.

What is the education level in El Salvador?

Education System in El Salvador

Primary Primary 1–9
Secondary Secondary 10–12
Secondary Middle Education 10–11
Vocational Middle Education Technical 10–12
Tertiary Two Year Tertiary Program

How many years on average do they attend school in El Salvador?

The average Salvadoran adult has 5.2 years of schooling. 39.3% of secondary school– age children are enrolled. 36.7% of secondary school– age girls are enrolled; 37% of eligible males are enrolled. 14% of the adult Salvadoran population has 7–9 years of education; 12% has 10–12 years.

Is education mandatory in El Salvador?

In El Salvador only primary school is mandatory. … Enrollment in pre-primary school, secondary school, and higher education actually increased. Still, the number of students at these three levels is disproportionate compared to the number of students in primary school, who make up the majority of the student population.

How long do kids go to school in El Salvador?

The children, ranging in age from five to six years old, receive instruction for two years, three hours per day, and five days per week. Most of these schools are under government supervision, although there are private preschools.

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How are schools in El Salvador?

Current education situation and statistics

According to statistics, only 82% of children make it to 9th grade. 6% of the children in El Salvador, do not attend school at all. Children who have finished 9th grade can go to secondary school, but only 33% will. The distribution of literacy is 79% men and 73% women.

How long is El Salvador High school?

Secondary education, for children from the age of sixteen, lasts for three years. Of children in the relevant age group, only 21 percent were enrolled in secondary schools in 1996. The curriculum at the secondary level was developed by the government to be uniform throughout the country.