How do you say boy in Honduras?

2. Maje. Maje is the most Honduran of Honduran slang words. It means “dude,” “bro,” and “mate.” You hear it everywhere, all the time in this Central American country.

What do you call a Honduran girl?

Hondureños is the proper term for a Honduran person but locals prefer—and use—the term catracho. Remember, Spanish has both masculine and feminine forms so catracho refers to a male while catracha references a female. So a local might say, “Yo soy catracho.” (“I am Honduran.”)

How do you say crazy in Honduras?

‘Loco’ or ‘loca’ is amusingly applied to a person when a Honduran is speaking to them. For some unknown reason everyone is called either a crazy guy (loco) or a crazy girl/woman (loca). That serves therefore, as an example of a typical sentence which you might hear if in Honduras.

How do you say pretty in Honduras?


  1. “Atractiva” means, “attractive.”
  2. “Preciosa” means, “beautiful.”
  3. “Hermosa” means, “very beautiful.”
  4. “Mona” means, “cute.”
  5. “Deslumbrante” means, “stunningly beautiful.”
  6. “Guapa” and “linda” are also ways of saying a woman is good looking.
  7. “Bonita” means, “pretty.”

How do you say love in Honduras?

Mi Amor. Even if you don’t know a single Spanish word, there is a high chance that you are familiar with this phrase. Mi Amor means ‘my love’. It is not only limited to Honduras.

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What does cabal mean in Honduras?

Cabal. More closely translating to “thorough” Chapines often use the word to mean “spot on”. For example, if someone is talking about something you agree with, you’d respond with “Es cabal!”.

What does Maje mean?

maje (plural majes) (colloquial, El Salvador) idiot, stupid (said about a man) Synonyms: tonto, estúpido, idiota, (Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua) menso.

What is a Mexican girl called?

La mujer/muchacha/chica/etc. mexicana for mexican woman.

Does Chica mean girl in Spanish?

The definition of chica is a Spanish word that means a female friend or girl.

What language do Honduras speak?

Spanish is the official language of Honduras. A substantial number of Honduran professionals and business executives speak English and many high government officials and private sector leaders were educated in the United States. English is often spoken in the Bay Islands.