Frequent question: Does Costa Rica export or import more?

The trade growth is 5.03% compared to a world growth of -1.13%. … Costa Rica exports of goods and services as percentage of GDP is 33.85% and imports of goods and services as percentage of GDP is 31.27%.

Is one of Costa Rica’s leading exports?

Costa Rica´s main exports are electronic components (18 percent of total exports), medical equipment (7.3 percent), pineapples (7 percent) and bananas (6 percent). Costa Rica´s main export partner is the United States (37 percent of total exports).

What are Costa Rica’s main imports and exports?

Economy of Costa Rica

Export goods bananas, pineapples, coffee, melons, ornamental plants, sugar; beef; seafood; electronic components, medical equipment
Main export partners United States 40.9% Belgium 6.3% Panama 5.6% Netherlands 5.6% Nicaragua 5.1% Guatemala 5% (2017)
Imports $15.15 billion (2017 est.)

Which country exports and imports the most?

CHINA. With the second largest economy in the World, China is the leader in exports. China exported nearly $2.64 trillion worth of goods in 2019. China’s major exported goods are electronics and other machinery and major imported goods are electronics including integrated circuits and other computer components.

Do we export or import more?

The United States imports more than it exports. The 2019 U.S. trade balance is negative, showing a deficit of $617 billion. Capital goods comprise the largest portions of both U.S. exports and imports.

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Where does Costa Rica export goods?

Among Costa Rica’s major exports are coffee, bananas, sugar, cocoa, and cattle and meat products—all commodities vulnerable to world market prices. The major markets for Costa Rican exports are the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belgium.

What does Costa Rica import from the US?

U.S. exports to Costa Rica include petroleum products, electrical machinery, optical and medical instruments, machinery, and plastics. U.S. imports from Costa Rica include medical devices, pineapples, bananas, and coffee.