Frequent question: Can you fly from San Jose Costa Rica to Limon Costa Rica?

Currently, there is only one airline operating non-stop flights from San José SJO to Puerto Limón LIO, which is Sansa. This section gives an overview of the flight schedules and timetables of every airline with direct flights for this route.

How do you get to Limón Costa Rica?

Getting to Puerto Limón is quick and easy. Highway 32 from San José leads directly to the Caribbean coast. The trip via car will take about 4 hours, or a bit longer by bus. Limón International Airport has daily flights to and from San José, and will soon offer flights to Bocas del Torro, Panama.

What is the closest airport to Limón Costa Rica?

The nearest airport to Limón is Limon (LIO) Airport which is 3.9 km away. Other nearby airports include San Jose (SJO) (127.9 km), Quepos (XQP) (135 km), Golfito (GLF) (149.9 km) and Puerto Jimenez (PJM) (163.1 km).

How far is San Jose Costa Rica from Limón?

The distance between San José and Limón is 115 km. The road distance is 157.9 km.

Can you fly to Limón Costa Rica?

Limón Domestic Airport, Limón. Located four kilometers south of Puerto Limon on the eastern coast of Costa Rica, and often referred to as the gateway to the southern Caribbean, Limon’s domestic airport offers regular daily flights through Nature Air.

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