Does it rain a lot in Belize in July?

The rainy season by the way, is June through November. … There’s a lot of rain on the islands as well, especially during tropical storms. In our area, Cayo, we’ve found that when it rains, it is quite often at night. But again, it does rain during the day anywhere in Belize.

How often does it rain in Belize in July?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during July in Belize City is rapidly decreasing, starting the month at 5.1 inches, when it rarely exceeds 10.2 inches or falls below 1.3 inches, and ending the month at 3.9 inches, when it rarely exceeds 8.0 inches or falls below 0.8 inches.

Is July a good time to go to Belize?

With plenty of sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, and some of the most fabulous food in the world, there’s no better time to enjoy a vacation in Belize than June and July. … June and July are ideal months to visit the country to attend the many festivals that herald the opening of lobster season.

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What is the wettest month in Belize?

Belize annual rainfall: most of the year’s rainfall occurs during the period June to November, that is, the rainy season. It is noted that the transition from dry to the rainy is very sharp. Annual rainfall ranges from 60 inches (1524mm) in the north to 160 inches (4064mm) in the south.

What is Belize rainy season?

The wet season runs from June to December, but travel is still possible until early August, with rain mostly falling in the afternoon. Travel becomes challenging as the season progresses, and there is a low risk of hurricanes. Some businesses will close during this time.

What is Belize like in July?

July is one of the best times for travelers to enjoy the natural beauty of Belize. … On average, Belize enjoys daytime highs of around 86F (30C) and nighttime lows of 79F (26C), making it the perfect time to enjoy all of the great outdoor activities and events in the country.

Does it rain all day in Belize?

We’ve had the driest rainy season on record, and the wettest dry season on record over the past four years. Generally speaking, you can expect rain at least once a week during the rainy season. … But again, it does rain during the day anywhere in Belize.

Does Belize have a hurricane season?

Yes, it is hurricane season from June until mid-November. However, historically, most hurricanes occur between August and October in Belize. … Thanks to NEMO (National Emergency Management Organization), Belize has a thorough emergency plan ready to be enacted in the event of a hurricane.

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Is Belize too hot in June?

Belize in June June is one of the best months to visit Belize. … But don’t worry, it never gets scorching hot in Belize, even during the middle of summer. Daytime highs average around 86° F (30° C).

Has Belize been affected by the hurricane?

Belize is bordered on the northwest by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, and on the south and west by Guatemala. It has an area of 22,970 square kilometres (8,867 sq mi) and a population of 408,487 (2019).


Period Number of Storms
2020s 1

Which part of Belize gets the least rainfall?

The Caribbean Climate In Belize

Average annual humidity is around 80%. Average annual rainfall in most parts of Belize is about 50 inches, but the Cayo District receives significantly less—fewer than 15 inches per year.

What’s the weather like year round in Belize?

Belize Weather

Temperatures annually range from 50-95°F, with a mean annual temperature of 79°F. November through May is the dry season and is a cooler time of year. In the tropics it is not unusual to have rain in the dry season – it just falls in shorter spurts.

What are the summer months in Belize?

The Dry Season (aka High Tourist Season)

December, January and February are generally the cooler months while April and May (and sometimes March) are the hottest months of the year.

What is the cheapest time to go to Belize?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Belize

High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly to Belize is September.

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