Do you need a wetsuit to snorkel in Belize?

There are 3 reasons that we tell you to bring a skin or suit to wear when snorkeling, diving, surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding while on our Belize island. First, the water is warm but not 98.6, so with a skin or wetsuit you can dive or snorkel much longer.

What do you wear to snorkeling in Belize?

For snorkeling in the tropics, a lightweight wetsuit or a spandex/lycra dive suit will keep you from getting cold, especially when spending extended time in the water. Polypropylene or capilene long underwear works as well.

Do you need a wetsuit in Belize?

The waters of Belize are temperate and clear, making it ideal for divers and snorkelers. Temperatures range from 77-78 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months (November through March) to 83-84 degrees during the summer (April through October). We recommend full 3mm wetsuits during the winter months.

Should you wear a wetsuit when snorkeling?

Having a wetsuit that fits properly is key to having an epic snorkeling experience. Having a loose wetsuit in cold water not only ruins the snorkeling because your body can’t stay warm, but it’s dangerous for hypothermia.

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Is it safe to snorkel in Belize?

You can snorkel in Belize all year round. However, the dry season is from November to May and is generally the best time to visit and snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef. Visibility remains constant year-round away from the mainland shore.

What can you not bring to Belize?

Avoid Catastrophe: What Not to pack for your Belize Vacation

  • Firearms or ammunition. Belize has very strict gun control laws. …
  • Diving Spear guns. Most diving businesses will provide diving spear guns for your use. …
  • Drugs. Marijuana is still illegal to bring into Belize. …
  • Beer. Bringing beer into Belize is illegal.

Do I need water shoes in Belize?

3. Make Sure to Pack Water Resistant Hiking Shoes for Belize. Shoes that are slip resistant with good traction are necessary if you’ll be doing any hiking or cave tours. You also want a pair of shoes that are waterproof or at least water resistant.

What is the water temp in Belize?

The sea in Belize is warm enough for swimming all year round, in fact the water temperature ranges from 27 °C (81 °F) between January and March, to 29 °C (84 °F) in the summer months.

Can you shore dive in Belize?

All dives are wall dives and guided from boats; no shore diving allowed. Average boat ride to dive site is 2 – 10 minutes. Average length of dive is 35-50 minutes in bottom time.

Is it safe to dive in Belize?

You can dive all year round in Belize but the best time for diving is between April and June. This is also when the whale sharks arrive in Placencia in the south. The rainy season is from June to November, but showers are generally short and the visibility at offshore sites isn’t usually affected.

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What type of wetsuit do I need for snorkeling?

How to Choose a Wetsuit for Snorkeling

General Watersports (Surf, Wake, Kite, Etc.) Triathlon & Lap Swimming
40°+ 6/5/4mm Sealed 5/3mm Full
48°+ 5/4/3mm Sealed
52°+ 4/3mm Sealed & Taped
58°+ 4/3mm Sealed 5/3mm John

Can you use a surfing wetsuit for snorkeling?

But they are designed for different uses. You can use a surfing wetsuit for scuba diving, but the neoprene material will wear out faster due to the extreme pressure from being underwater. It won’t be as warm either.

Can you snorkel in cold water?

What to wear when snorkel diving in cold water. Snorkellers themselves need to be fit and robust and I would suggest that this is an ‘adults only’ activity. A good well-fitting thick wetsuit or semi-dry suit, as well as suitable hoods and gloves, are essential.

Can you snorkel Belize Blue Hole?

The Neptune’s Cove Belize Blue Hole Snorkeling Tour takes you into the center of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, a 1000-foot circular coral reef that drops over 400 feet into an incredible cavern. It is filled with stalactites and awe inspiring natural formations.

Where can I swim with sharks in Belize?

Another popular location to sight these friendly sharks is in Southern Belize at the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, if you’re lucky!

Are the mosquitoes bad in Belize?

For example, I was just in the Pine Ridge Region of Belize at Gaia Lodge in late May – the mosquitos were horrible on Ambergris Caye – about 100 miles away – but there were ZERO at Gaia Lodge. They are worst in the early morning and in the evening and during those times, spray is a must.

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