Can I use AT&T in Honduras?

Any dual or multiband GSM cellphone will work in Honduras, but you might pay expensive roaming rates; check with your cellphone company before leaving. (In the U.S., T-Mobile and AT&T uses this quasi-universal system; in Canada, Rogers customers are GSM.)

What countries does AT&T cover?

AT&T around the world

  • Australia.
  • China.
  • Hong Kong.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Japan.
  • Korea.
  • Malaysia.

Does AT&T work outside the US?

AT&T offers low international long distance rates with AT&T World Connect. Enjoy the broadest global coverage of any U.S. wireless provider with voice roaming in over 190 countries and data access in over 135 countries. While traveling abroad, you can be reached at your regular wireless number.

Can ATT phones be used internationally?

AT&T International Day Pass®

Use your phone like you do at home with unlimited high-speed data*, talk, and text in over 210 destinations for $10/day. AT&T may slow data speeds in U.S. or Mexico if network is busy. *When added to your Unlimited Plan. Coverage and Data speed vary by country and may be changed.

How do I get my AT&T phone to work internationally?

International services must be activated on your account, so give us a call to verify (800-331-0500). After that, it’s time to discuss the best options when it comes to rate plans. AT&T offers several voice plans and data packages to make traveling with your AT&T wireless phone affordable.

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Does AT&T work in the Caribbean?

AT&T Cruise packages1 are available on over 170 ships and include use in Mexico, Canada and most Caribbean islands. … You can view included cruise ships, countries and package options at If you also need coverage for countries not included, go to for options.

How do I use AT&T international plan?

How it works

  1. Be sure you have an AT&T unlimited, AT&T 4GBSM, or Mobile Share® plan.
  2. Pay a daily fee for each 24-hour period that you talk, text, or use data within an included country. …
  3. Call within or between included countries or back to the U.S. at no extra charge while in an included country.
  4. Sign up once.

Can you use ATT prepaid overseas?

AT&T PREPAID International Calling & Texting FAQ

Yes; you can make international calls and pay by the minute or you can purchase an international calling add-on that provides you a bundle of international calling. Check out a full list of countries included in the add-ons as well as the pay per minute rates.

How do I know if my phone works internationally?

Ask if the phone is SIM-unlocked. Place a SIM from another operator in your phone and see if the phone recognizes the other operator’s network. You can use one of the many sites on the web to check your phone’s IMEI, which is a unique number that identifies your phone.

How do I avoid international charges with AT&T?

Turn OFF all the Background Apps or you may simply switch them to Wi-Fi. For Android: Go to settings, connections, and then Data Usage. Turn ON Data Saver. Next, just pick background applications that you want them to utilize data.

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How much does AT&T Wireless charge for international calls?

The AT&T USADirect Savings Plan.

For more details and to enroll, consumers can visit o Call from more than 150 countries to the U.S. for only 99 cents a minute, (35 cents a minute from Canada and Mexico), and a low 89 cents per-call service charge.